Healing Artifacts

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These artifacts are the only ones which can be bought by a hero at a town. Occasionally they may be found but this is very rare.

List of Healing Artifacts

How to recognise

The names of these artifacts appear in italics.

How to use

The hero will usually keep these items on them after purchase. They will not sell them and will use them to attempt to heal when they are on low health. They will do this automatically and a god has no say over the matter. A healing artifact only has one use. This one use may result in a number of things though:

  • Increase in health - this is what they are meant to do
  • Increase in experience - the hero misread the label when purchasing or was tricked by a sneaky trader.
  • Increased damage to monster - hero threw it at a monster, who was allergic to it, or even poisoned by it.
  • Absolutely nothing - known as a 'healing dud', they are often just bottles of water with added food colouring.