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Haylies Arsenal
Guild logo.jpeg
Motto: Victory Grows Through Harmony
Alignment: humane
Date Founded: 07/04/15
Forum Headquarters: Haylies Arsenal
Guild Page: Haylies Arsenal 

Introductions by Haylie

Hello & welcome to my Arsenal!

Whilst we may have a fearce name and an arena record to be reckoned with, we're really just a bunch of cuddle-loving softies! We're a fun guild with ambitous aims however our priority lies in creating a sociable and enjoyable atmosphere for Godville players of all kinds!

GodHaylie (U • C • T) 

History of the Arsenal

Haylie's Arsenal was founded by Haylie in late 2015 with the intention to provide a fun & friendly social group which would feature many of the top duelers of Godville. After the first couple members hit Chief Master rank, the guild had already achieved it's goal of being in the top 20 of duelery pantheon and continues to rise now sitting comfortably in the top 10.

The name, Haylie's Arsenal, is pretty simple and self-explanatory. It's founded and owned by Haylie, and it's members are part of her Arsenal. The idea of Arsenal (and background of guild logo) is inspired by Haylie's favourite Football (Soccer) team Arsenal F.C.

We are still a fresh guild meaning that our history remains in the future, yet to be discovered. This page will be updated with achievements and more random text that may sound fancy.

About The Founder

Haylie.jpeg I'm Haylie!

I'm a british girl known for being tiny and changing my hair colour every 5 seconds. In Godville I can be found/contacted on any of my 8 accounts: GodHaylie  GodMiss Haylie  GodQueen Haylie  GodHayiie  GodHayliestorm  GodReina Haylie  GodHaylie Comet  GodHaylieDada  GodHaylieZPG  I am more well known on Godville for my Gladiator playstyle. I was the first player to achieve honoured dueler achievement multiple times and also the first to win both the junior duelers & senior duelers pantheons (both occuring during season 3 of duelers). I'm a huge fan of sports and spend the large majority of my time doing something of the sort, whether it be a casual run to screaming at Arsenal on the TV, you can almost gurantee I'm doing some sort of sport. Except when I'm being a lazy bum on my xbox, that happens alot too (Gamertag = Hayiie).

I also suck at whatever this 'imagination' thing is that people talk about hence the lack of creativity behind all my usernames as well as being the explanation for how boring this wiki page is. I'M SORRY SPONGEBOB, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

❤️ (hugs) ❤️

Want to join the arsenal?

The Arsenal's doors are always open for new recruits! All you need to do to begin your journey is send the vc "Join "Haylies Arsenal" Guild" until your hero/heroine begins his/her quest. All of our new members are greeted with cuddles and love OR YOUR MONEY BACK! <3

Special Thanks

  • GodReyas  For Introducing me to Godville and allowing me to meet so many amazing people.
  • GodHairPlug4Men  For supporting me for many years, helping me in Arena and making the wiki
  • GodKeleios  Finding me in the arena and introducing me to Palringo, as well as being a babe!
  • GodHalestorm Rocks  For being a long term dedicated member <3