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Monsters of Godville
Accipiter Polypus
A facial composite by an attacked hero
Class Flying Sea Monster
Habitat Low sky area near the ocean
Description A very Hangry Creature

Anyone coming near any part of the sea should be frightened of these horrendous creatures. They swoop down from above and use their tentacles to bring any passerby to their nest where they force them to have tea parties and chat about the weather.



  • May be small but their extra tentacles allow for more strength to pick up hero(ine)s.
  • Can speak in sort of dark language, frightening any who hear it.
  • Has the ability to grow their tentacle’s sizes for a more efficient hug.


  • Let’s out an ear splitting shriek before attacking, allowing who/whatever it’s charging time to dodge.
  • Needs to stay near the ocean or they’ll die of home sickness.
  • Can only speak if a wizard/surgeon grants them vocal cords.