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Harvest's Moon Artworks

The Great Harvester of Sorrow

Ngma Harvester.jpg

Apparently according to GodNgma (U • C • T)  :o Believe at own risk!

The Harvest Moon Censorship Dictionary


A pocket guide on safe GC chatting. By GodNyx of Darkness (U • C • T) 

Sketch of the Members

HM weirdos.jpg

From left to right: Nyx of Darkness, Pantheist Goddess, Krohnos, Tha Saxon, Kyta S Indigo, Brihtnoth, Definitely Smitten, DiamondHard, Pysrilexot, Ursina, Hairplug4men, UnNamable One, Doctor Frank-n-furter, Dark Tidings, Belteshazzar.

Apocalypse Team

My Zombie Apocalypse.jpg

By Toddster.

Team Leader: Nyx of Darkness.
Brawler: Hairplug4men.
Weapons Expert: Brihtnoth.
Brains: Toddster561.
Medic: Kyta S Indigo.
Speed Fighter: Ngma.
Mascot: Ursina.
Guy Who Dies First: Pysrilexot.


By GodKyta S Indigo (U • C • T)   


Drawing Contest

Info here...
First Place
Second Place
Third Place
By GodPortico (U • C • T) .
By GodNyx of Darkness (U • C • T) .
By GodOkutsu (U • C • T) .
By GodOkutsu (U • C • T) .

Poetry Contest

Info here...
From GodTha Saxon (U • C • T) 
There once was a 🐙 called Portico
There are some things you oughta know
The moment you meet
You will feel complete
Like you have known her from long ago.
               There was once a fellow cold as Ice
               Don't give him flan, not even a slice
               He will give you a look
                That cannot be mistook
               For he will have you chained in his van in a thrice.

There once was a fellow called Boom
Who suggested that we get a room
I couldn't be faster
To say "yes master"
Because it takes time to put on this 🐙 costume.

               There was once a fellow called Mykus
               Who would origami anything, even a Ficus
               He longed for a girl
               So he gave the paper a twirl
               And made her assets quite ripus.

There once was a 🐙 called Shadow Snow
Who has every curve God would bestow
She looks so pretty
When she's drippy
When she steps out of that ocean, it is quite a show.


By GodPortico (U • C • T)   
By GodPortico (U • C • T)   


Basically GC.  



It's Pysrilexiosis Pysrilexotiosis






Keta's Harem

In Todd's dreams.  
Some weird boi wins at the end  

Todd's Struggle

From Manila*. Bear the typo.  
Reads*. Bear this other typo, too.  



FrenchConnection (a.k.a. Ghost-n-Bass)