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Gameplay Advice, Guides and Resources

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Hello, and welcome to our compilation of gameplay advice, guides and resources. Even though everything is organised and classified as much as possible, this page has quite a lot of information, so to find what you're looking for, try using the 'search on page' function of your web browser and type what you need information about. You can also find an index of contents below this box.

If you are the author of any piece of information shown below and you are not credited, please let me know so I can fix it. GodAndrele 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

General Advice & Tips

First Steps

From GodAndrele 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

  • Find an active guild, don't be afraid to talk and send your hero/ine to adventures with your fellows: this helps to get to know them, to progress successfully and to make your guild go up in pantheons.
  • Vote other voices: be fair (don't abuse!), and stack those 1% gp boosts, which always come in handy.
  • You can also get a boost on your GP by sending VCs and submitting ideas to the ideabox. Just try to be witty, as other players will vote them. Voting ideabox submissions every day also grants a boost for your prayers.
  • Try to always keep a 50% of godpower: this ensures you'll never spend an extra charge on arena, dungeon, activatable artifacts, etc.
  • Turn your phone notifications on so that you can benefit from special monsters, Invites to Godville (gather as much as you can, friends are useful), and on the whole, all activatable items you get before your hero/ine gets rid of them.
  • You may want to join the Discord server as well.


General Advice

From GodAndrele 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

  • During a duel, influences and voices work better in your turn.
  • If you have a lot of gold, don't send to ZPG arena, neither go AFK in arena/dungeon/sail. Try to keep your gains under control! (disclaimer: some people do send to ZPG arena while carrying a lot of gold, and it doesn't mean they are less experienced; this is just my approach)

From GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

  • Choose what you want from the arena before sending - whether it's to improve your ratio/record, or if it's all about having fun and the win/loss doesn't matter. It's also okay to change your mind on what matters depending on the week.
  • Fight every single time and try to win every single time. Whether you only have one charge or unlimited charges. Anybody is beatable with the right amount of luck.
  • Read as much advice as possible on the arena, and then send as often as possible. Nothing beats experience in the arena. Know why you win and know why you lose each fight. Try not to blame either on luck alone.

Juniors Matching Theory

From GodNgma 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  In seniors, everyone with a temple can match anyone else with a temple. In juniors, there are 3+ different queues depending on the number of wins that account has;

 Q1 - 0 to 6 wins
 Q2 - 7 to 51 wins
 Q3 - 52 wins and above


General Advice

From GodAndrele 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

  • 'Heal' voices don't work while exploring the dungeon, only when fighting a boss.
  • During a boss fight, influences and voices work better in your turn. Miracles don't hurt the boss.
  • Don't overdrive in dungeons. If the driver is making a mess, try to friend them and ask to take over driving.
  • Use Discord (follow instructions once joined to get into the Dungeon chat) to find active dungeon mates. Although this is not guaranteed, your chances will be higher. Anyway, if you announce on Discord, be active and try to drive.
  • Besides what dungeon guides state, treasury is usually in the direction of the nook - that is, in the same quadrant. It can be your first clue if there is one.
  • Also, sticky traps, walls and wormholes tend to show up when you are on the way to treasury.
  • There are usually 2-3 1ab bosses, 1-2 2ab bosses and one TB in every dungeon - thank you GodSanuch (U • C • T) } GodLlamaking 4-medal laurel(U • C • T)  and GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

This last bullet point is expanded below;

Number of Bosses in Dungeons

From GodCham Almighty 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

There can be up to 6 bosses (2-3 1ab bosses, 1-2 2ab bosses and one TB) in total. The tricky bit is that you can't know if there's a boss you didn't find, unless:

  • It's a Solitude dungeon (in which case there are no bosses to find).
  • It's a dungeon with a "kill all the bosses" side job (in which case you get a message when you've killed the last one).
  • It's a 6-boss dungeon where you've actually hit all 6 bosses.

Of the 1012 dungeons I've logged:

- 23 had two 2-ability bosses THAT WE FOUND.

- 14 had 5 or more bosses THAT WE FOUND (this includes one that had 6).

- 1 had 6 bosses, all of which we hit. This was a standard Robbery dungeon - no nook, no side job. It contained three 1-abs, two 2-abs, and of course 1 treasure boss.

So where 6-boss dungeons are concerned, a data point of 1 doesn't tell us much - but this one does tell us that not all 6-boss dungeons must have a reward of some sort.

I can't show you the log for that one as I failed to save the Erinome link, but I did log the details:

Chamber of Robbery (30-Apr-19):

  • Dungeon Sweeper 1a - Overhearing
  • Shyborg 1a - Squandering
  • Sighborg 1a - Squandering
  • Exoskeletor 2a - Leeching, Explosive
  • Warmongrel 2a - Nimble, Sweeping
  • Hyperbully 3a - Pickpocketing, Deafening, Leeching.

Cancelling a VC

From GodAndrele 4-medal laurel(U • C • T)  In dungeons, it is possible to cancel a directional voice by refreshing and sending a blank voice.

When sending a blank voice command in a dungeon or arena, it will not cost 5%. It will recharge your GP if you are at zero and have automatic restore turned on, but it will not take the 5% - thank you GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T) 


General Advice

From GodAndrele 4-medal laurel(U • C • T)  Watch out when digging; make sure you have enough HP and GP in case you bump into a boss monster. There's good advice below on how to prevent that from happening.

How to Avoid Getting a Dig Boss Trigger

From GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  if you're trying to avoid getting a dig boss trigger and matching a dig boss then you need to do it while you are on a digging boss cooldown, a sparring queue or a dungeon one. To avoid fighting regular bosses that get in the way of a spamming digging session, do it while going back to town.


General Advice

From GodCrisismana 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

  • When sailing, there are hints with a ! in them. If there are 3 of them; usually 1 of them is the booty, the others can either be empty or have a beasty. Sometimes hints can be an arrow pointing to booty or hot / cold hints. Getting crates is up to your luck, they can be found fighting beasties or on random islands.

Point Hints (expanded, extract from the Wiki)

Point of Interest hints can be found on hint islands, randomly dropped by defeated beasties, or made by miracles. They do not show a symbol where they were found, but rather make three Points of Interest ( ! ) of the same colour appear on the map, one of which will contain a booty. Revealing a hint tile by navigating next to it or using a lighthouse will leave a coloured border around that tile.

The booty location either contains a two-named beastie or is an island. You can deduce the likely location of the actual booty by the process of elimination: seeing what is at the other revealed tiles of the same colour set, seeing whether another booty was already found in the same sector as a hint location, and seeing if there are adjacent hints of another colour. Note that clustered hints can indicate a large island with booty, but could also be mere coincidence (e.g. an empty sea tile next to a regular beastie).

Lab (building up your boss)

General Advice

From GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  You can get boss parts from fighting them and fishing too. You’ll also need 100 manimals and 100 fenimals. Ideally, you want matching boss parts of all level three bosses. The more matching and the higher level, the more strength your boss will have.

How to Store Parts in the Lab

From GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  Hero/ine will put a part into the lab only upon first entering a town or after praying. Do not send to dungeon before or during the selling phase. Alternatively, send to Arena or Sail right after you get out of the dungeon. That will make them store the part into the lab as well.

Stronger and Weaker Bosses - Pros and Cons

From GodWoody Pecker 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  Stronger (max 300%) and weaker (min 50%) bosses each have their pros and cons. In Datamine;

  • At 300% - a collision deals ~25 hp damage, picking up a 11 deals ~30 hp damage, while a + will heal for ~25 hp
  • At 50% - a collision deals ~15 hp damage, picking up a 11 deals ~5 hp damage, while a + will heal for ~15 hp

Hence, depending on play style, a stronger boss is not necessarily more advantageous in Datamine. If you want to play aggressive and bump away other bosses a lot, build a stronger boss. If you want to avoid others and just collect bits in peace, build a weaker boss. In dungeons when you summon your boss, however, stronger means more boss hp, and more useful as an ally in a boss fight.


General advice

From GodAndrele 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

• Unless the special rule states it, bosses don’t pick bits on the fly. However, if your boss lands on some bits after a collision or kick (they fly for 3–5 tiles), it'll pick those bits.

• Therefore, only use kicks when;

a)    You want to bump away other bosses. That’s useful if you want your boss to be the last one standing, so that the remaining bits are for you.

(to do this, you should build a stronger boss - that is, over 200%)

b)    You want your boss to approach some area where there are several bits, or land on some.

c)     You want to unlock bits by bumping into them.

Getting & Farming Charges

From GodAndrele 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

  • You get charges by activating a Sacrificial Lamp or Praystation - craft or get them, and always keep 50% GP.
  • Try to kill every Holykeeper your hero/ine runs into as well, since you will get a Holy Powercell - which gives out a free charge. These cannot be crafted. You can also get them by fishing.

(Watch out when your hero/ine has Hungry Tribbles in their inventory; if you miracle, you might not get the Holy Powercell - 08:12 The Holykeeper wanted to have me for lunch, but became lunch for the hungry tribbles instead.)

How to Farm Charges

As you might know, your hero/ine gets their Godpower restored to 100% and an extra charge gets added to their Godpower Accumulator after an arena win. There's a way to exploit the latter in order to get free charges.

  1. (optional) As your hero/ine loses all their gold after a loss, I prefer to wait until they have little gold - 'little' is subjective, depending on your hero/ine's level. I wrote 'optional' because you may put some gold in jeopardy since gold sometimes goes to waste, so it's not such a big loss.
  2. Send to arena; If you send to normal arena, do it when you have full godpower. ZPG Arena provides equal chances for both fighters to win.
  3. (only if you send to normal arena) Get to know your opponent; if they look like AFK senders, you're lucky. Keep an eye on the fight, because when both fighters are fully AFK, it could tie and health will be restored to the two of them. You can encourage or punish at some point to get some advantage - the point is not breaking another charge. When the duel is coming to an end (one or both fighters having very low health), there are three approaches;
  • Encourage; this ensures your hero/ine won't be killed if the influence backfires. The downside is, if it backfires, you will have to encourage again so it heals your hero/ine, and let luck decide who the winner is.
  • Punish; this allows the duel to end if your opponent is killed. The downside is, if it backfires, your hero/ine might die.
  • Do nothing; do this when you're sure you're winning the duel, or if you don't want to take risks.

If you win, congratulations! You've spent between 50% - 100% GP but got a free charge.

Don't be greedy while farming charges. Remember you're just trying your luck.

From GodFeather Mail 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 


From GodAndrele 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

  • Try not to send to arena/dungeon/sail when your hero/ine is about to finish a quest - especially an epic one. Ideally, you want them to empty their inventory and spend their gold before going on an adventure.
  • If your inventory is almost full and you want to go on an adventure, you can craft some items to free up some space.
  • "Learn" voices become more useless the higher your level is. So do "quest" voices.
  • In order to get the most points when playing the bingo, wait until your hero has their inventory almost full and is going back to town (keep an eye on them in case they stumble upon a roadside trader). Also, when they fish, they often get treasure boxes (e.g. Black Briefcase). Wait for them to finish fishing, and while they're going back to town, activate the box and go for the bingo.
  • If your hero/ine gets a coupon for a side job when they already have a side job, they will just sell the coupon.

09:57 The trader took my coupon, then said something about last minute changes and gave me 528 coins instead.

  • Best town to pray: Unsettlement.
  • Solving the crossword while having an aura doesn't replace your current aura, but extends it - thank you GodCham Almighty 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

How to Get your Hero/ine to Sleep

From GodWoody Pecker 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  Hero/ines will always sleep in Godville after returning at the end of a quest. After this first sleep cycle but before hero/ine finishes praying and leaves town again, multiple sleep cycles can be triggered after each time the hero/ine sends to Arena or Sail. If either of those time out without a match, stall time by sparring until the 1 hr or 45 min cd is up, and then send again. One extra sleep cycle occurs per send attempt, regardless of whether you match.

How to Kill your Hero/ine

From GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  I use the voice command, "dead death dieing deadening." And other varieties of that in-between fighting monsters. Don't do it on your way back to town, or while looking for the right path, or while in town. Don't just use one word, mix it up. If you don't get it in four tries wait about 10 minutes and try again. Typically I can get it with 25% GP or less.

How to Revive a Pet

FromGodDogess 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

There are four plus ways to revive a pet:

1) At quest completion, with your hero/ine in low (red) health and with enough gold to rez (must have all three conditions met when s/he walks into Godville city proper; "enough gold" is 450 x pet level).

2) With enough gold (after selling) after an arena win (arena matches *can* be arranged, but do carry a risk of mismatch, especially if not timed properly).

3) In any town if the hero/ine has 2-3 times the gold required (you need the extra to allow for waste on booze, equipment, skills, savings). Dogville and Trollbridge are better towns for rezzing.

4) If you're templed, dungeon while praying.

On Proof of a Wanted Monster Death

From GodAndrele 4-medal laurel(U • C • T)  If you send to Arena/Sail or activate a town item while holding a proof of a wanted monster death, it automatically gets cashed in.

From GodNgma 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  A proof is in the same class of items as boss parts, so it shouldn't be used as fishing bait, but you can use it for bingo. It is possible to lose it, like you can randomly lose any item, e.g. getting chewed up by pet, hero/ine broke it, hero/ine threw it down a well, etc.

Teleporting While in Town to Another Town

From GodWoody Pecker 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  If one activates a town teleport during selling, they will directly go to prayer phase in new town. If it is done in the healing phase, the entire town phase is completed.

Benefits of Befriending Monsters

From GodAndrele 4-medal laurel(U • C • T)  There are few benefits of befriending monsters as far as I know, but the ones that are known are listed below:

• (STILL TESTING) Befriending a tameable monster doesn't tame it. 11:11 Struck the monster with a holy invite. The captivated Landshark abruptly stopped fighting, gifted me its 86 gold coins, and asked for a hug.

• (From the game blog) If you befriend WANTED monsters, they will still give the proof of their death. If you're low on health and GP and want to get the proof, befriending them might be useful. Just consider the amount of invites you have at that moment and whether spending one on getting the reward is worth it.

• (From GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  and GodLlamaking 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) ) Befriending a Godville Administrator can give you either a mystery box (useful to gather gold or lower your death count) or an 'invalid' invite (for crafting purposes or bingo).

• (From GodNgma 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  ) If your personality isn't evil, befriending monsters also saves you the time it takes to defeat a strong monster when you run into the same one again, speeding your progress up a little bit. However, this is very unusual and doesn't make a big difference.

In-Depth Guides & Wikis

For Beginners & General Guides

Arena Guides

Dungeon Guides

GodUrsina 4-medal laurel(U • C • T)  * very basic dungeon guide for the true beginner

Sailing Guides

GodVicksdayquil 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  *Ark building guide for non payers (WIP)

GodFeather Mail 4-medal laurel(U • C • T)  * Sailing Guide

Digging Guides

GodMarked8 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  * Digging guide

Lab & Datamine Guides

Miscellaneous Guides

GodCassia Rainsonne 4-medal laurel(U • C • T)  * Crossword Guide

GodCham Almighty 4-medal laurel(U • C • T)  * Guide on Killing Pets

GodDan Maku 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  Wiki page:

• Town/Roadside Trader Stats

• Praying in Town

• Equipment Prices

• How to Avoid Death (and what happens while dead)

• Pet Progress

• Special Monsters

• Associated Artifacts

GodArthuri Victori 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  Wiki page:

• Pre-temple Advice

• Guide for Diggers

• Guide for Double Strategy

• Guide for Non Payers (pre-temple)

Useful Chronicles

GodMe3713 (U • C • T) '

- Pantheon Equations

- Cooldown Times In Minutes

- Hotness Clues in Dungeons

- Order of Operations in Towns

- Getting Gold in Tradeburg

GodZlozaba (U • C • T) '

- Dungeon Drifting Rules

- Treasure / Treasure Boss Location in Dungeons

GodTsarczar 5-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

- What Makes Points of Interest Disappear

- Cooldown Times

- Answers to Several 'Guild Questions'

- Ways to Avoid Godville Sacrifice

- VC Strategy (out in the world)

- Tsarczar’s Bumparoundabit Method (dungeon navigation)

- When Fighting

- Ways to Get Godpower for Free

- Suspected Words That Will Not Get your Random Heard

GodDream Summoner (U • C • T) '

- Dungeon Notes - extensive

- Sailing Notes

- Other Notes (auras, cycles in town, skills, cooldowns, other)

GodVicksdayquil 5-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

- Ark Building Guide for Non Payers (WIP)

- Godville Rewards

- Dungeons (plus General Strategies)

- Epic Quests



Gladiator formula


Dueler formula

 You + (25 * E)


 1/(1+10^((you–them)/400)) =
 1/(1+10^((686.3–699.5)/400)) =
 1/(1+10^(-13.2/400)) =
 1/(1+10^(-0.033)) =
 1/(1+0.927) =

Rating formula

  New rating=Old rating+25(S–Е)
  S–the fighter's win (1) or loss (0) points
  So if New=Old+25(S–Е), then: If the fighter won: 
 S = 1, Е = 0.519 = >
 NR = OR + 25(S – Е) =
 699.5 + 25(1 – 0,519) =
 699.5 + 25*0,481 =
 699.5 + 12.025 = 711.525 => 711.5

VC Words

Heal: Wounds, Rest, Drink, HP, Roots

Attack: Smite, Tramp, Kick, Strike, Hit, Beat, Punch, Smash, Crush

Pray: Give, Donate, Sacrifice, Praise, Watch

Defend: Block, Shield, Cover, brace

Combining Items Rules


• Any item = any non-bold item, italicized, any bold, activatable

• Bold = any bolded item. bolds, activatables

• Non Bold = any non bold item, healing items, special fished items, some activatables

• Activatable = any bold item with an @

• Non combinable items = boss parts, gold bricks, various others


Same starting lettered items can be combined;

• Any item + any item = any item

• Any item + bold = bold

• Bold + bold = activatable first then bold if none exists

- Some items will not combine, like Tribbles or Gold Bricks.

- You cannot combine an item into an item you are trying to combine.

- You cannot get certain items from combining (e.g., Holy Powercell, Hammer of Realignment).

Combining Items Chart

From GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

Combining chart.png

Updated Combining Items Chart

From GodTuirix 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

Trickster chart.png

Town Economics

Bold number in the middle is the average %. The number to either side of the bold denotes lowest and highest denoted/recorded/reported through the UI+ (thank you GodNgma 5-medal laurel(U • C • T) )

Crossword Solver

Field VC Testing

FromGodDogess 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 

Dungeon Quadrants

Erinome Godville UI+