Hammer of realignment

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Artifacts of Godville
Hammer of realignment
For emergency use only
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description The only hammer able to affect heroes' personalities without damaging their heads
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Accentuate the hero's personality

The hammer of realignment is an artifact that can affect the hero or heroine's personality.

Using it will cause a good hero to be made more good, and an evil hero to be made more evil. It has little or no effect on heroes and heroines with a neutral personality, and none at all on heroes and heroines who have never been influenced.

It can takes a few minutes before the effect is visible on the superhero page.

The description text for this artifact reads, "This item makes hero's alignment more defined (requires 50% of godpower)".

Interestingly, this artifact cannot be crafted by combining two other artifacts.[1]

Upon Activation

The diary entry for a good hero reads as follows.

!Hero's Diary
Suddenly fainted while walking and then immediately came back to my senses, but feeling very calm. I can't even feel anger over my missing hammer of realignment.

The diary entry for an evil hero reads as follows.

!Hero's Diary
Angrily broke the hammer of realignment because it annoyed me anyway. Feeling evil.


  1. Godville Blog, post 86: Random News: Though it’s very rare and uncraftable to heroes, it’s known to be of a good value among traders.