Halloween 2018

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A spooky time.

Special content for Halloween 2018:

New Features

Side Job

These side-quests, if completed before the time runs out, will be rewarded with two or three logs (or, presumably, gold bricks).

!Hero's Diary↻
02:52 PM Not sure what I managed to finish just now. But I got two logs for the ark for my success.

Each time your hero gains progress in the side job, the timer is extended (by?).

If the timer runs out, the side job will be marked as expired. It will disappear after a little while, and then eventually be replaced with a new side job.

If the side job is completed in time, it will be marked as finished and the timer frozen at the remaining time at completion. This will also disappear after a little while, and then be replaced with a new side job.


  • Ride nightmares
  • Set up the zombie apocalypse
  • Inform the living dead that the zombie apocalypse has been postponed for one year

Side Jobs:

  • Find n trophies with pumpkins
  • Kill n undead monsters



  • Golden pumpkin (@) returns
  • Regular artifacts with πŸŽƒs around them

Diary entries

Special trader diary entries are appearing when selling pumpkin artifacts:

!Hero's Diary↻
12:32 The πŸŽƒcyclops eye dropπŸŽƒ went for a solid 504 gold coins β€” looks like these pumpkins are all the rage now.
!Hero's Diary↻
12:34 Got as much as 596 coins at the market today for the πŸŽƒwitch-doctor's prescriptionπŸŽƒ. Feels like these people will pay any money for some co-branded junk...
!Hero's Diary↻
09:09 Sold the πŸŽƒuniverse-shaped donutπŸŽƒ for 472 coins to a dude wearing some vegetable on his head.

  Seasonal Events  
  April Fools
2015 Aura of Censorship β€’ Aura of overcensorship β€’ Aura of β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ
2014 Hotness dungeon hints β€’ Stickers
2013 Tribbles
2012 Aura of Concussion β€’ Aura of Confusion
2011 I'm feeling lucky
2019 Glowing pumpkin β€’ Aura of savings β€’ πŸŽƒPumpkin decorationsπŸŽƒ β€’ Breed "n" tribble (Side Job)
2018 Golden pumpkin β€’ Inform the living dead that the zombie apocalypse has been postponed for one year (quest) β€’ πŸŽƒPumpkin decorationsπŸŽƒ β€’ Ride nightmares β€’ Set up the zombie apocalypse (quest) β€’ Side Jobs β€’ Spirit of Halloween β€’ Survive the zombie apocalypse (quest)
2016 Hungry tribbles β€’ Spirit of Halloween
2014 Golden pumpkin
2012 Aura of spookiness β€’ Golden pumpkin β€’ Jack Lantern β€’ Survive the zombie apocalypse β€’ Undead Monsters
2017-2016 Laplandville β€’ Santa Claws β€’ Satan Claus β€’ Snowman β€’ ❄
2015-2013 Laplandville β€’ Santa Claws β€’ Satan Claus
2012 Crafting β€’ Satan Claus
2011 Christmas Artifacts
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