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Ha Bisky is a God that came from the remains of the host of "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?", Jory Caron. In his life as a human, Jory's best friend and side kick was Riley McIlwain. Their favorite catch phrase was "Ha Bisky", a term that has no real meaning, but can be applied to any situation.

Due to an unfortunate accident, Jory was microwaved to death. It involved propane, a panasonic microwave named priscilla, a christmas tree, and a bottle of gin. Whose idea? Yes, you guessed it, Riley's!

When Jory reached the afterlife, the powers that be in Godville gave him the option of becoming a God. How could Jory resist?

He became the God Ha Bisky!

And to make Riley pay, well now he is on a never ending quest. Ha Bisky Loves To Have Fun With Him!

Currently, he is on the quest to become a member of the Eight Trey Gangstas! Good Luck!