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Championed by the Hero: Onai
Personality: Neutral
Gender: Male
Guild: Masters of Earth and Heaven
Guild Position: Chief Master[1]
Favorite Town: Beerburg

The Basics

Gyndius is a humble god. He doesn't strike fear into the hearts of his who follow him. Gyndius brings joy to those who follow him. He likes to be known as the God of Recreation! Fun & Games!?!

This is a work in progress...

Chronicles of Onai

"And then I became a champion for the Almighty Gyndius!" That's all I could remember for the longest. Then one day, Lord Gyndius told me the story of my beginnings...

I hail from a small village. Not a town or a city, a village. My village was so small that it was completely destroyed by a Millenium falcon! The Almighty One explained how he rescued me from the clutches of the enormous bird because I was destined for greatness (or was it that I was destined to avenge my family's death?).

As a small boy, I trained rigorously most everyday. Of course my God required that I rest some, and by rest, I mean pray and worship and make sacrifices to Him.

When I came of age, I was ask, by a Godville city guardsman, to fetch him a pail of water. That was the first of many quests in my life. It took nearly 5 days for me to complete this task. No one felt the need to tell me I could take the pail with me to the water's edge. Needless to say, I began a journal to keep notes and personal accounts of all my future quests. No need to repeat the water pail fiasco!

...To be continued

Now where did I leave those first 42 joirnals? I know I put them some place easy to remember and safe from the prying eyes of other travelers. Ugh, it was under milestone 7, or was it 77? Oh god, I hope it wasn't 777!?!


Since I seem to have misplaced my journals "The Early Years of the Great Onai" and can't remember what on earth happened two hours ago, let me share something from the current journal I'm writing in...

"02:02: Suddenly a cold beer appeared in my hand. Almighty, you really do care about me!"

...more information you probably don't care to read, but it's my story, so deal with it!?!

After searching every milestone between -the- Godville -entrance- and -the pub in- Beerburg. I've decided that my other journals are lost forever. *MAN!* I had some really good stories in those too! Oh well, time to make new ones!

And thusly... what does "thusly" even mean?

Snowy, my pet, and I have been battling side by foot for some time now (grounded hogs aren't very tall). I've definitely, probably figured out how to maximize naps between -binge drinking- fighting monsters. I just have to make sure he falls asleep on the side where he'll see his shadow! I mean, I just want to make sure the little fella is fully rested before going into -the pub- battle again.


  1. As of 2/23/15