Guilty Plesiosaur

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Monsters of Godville
Guilty Plesiosaur
Class Reptilia ancienta
Habitat Ocean of regret
Description An absolute monster
Totem for Guildy Pleasures

The Guilty Plesiosaur is any monster of the Mesozoic marine reptile order Plesiosauria who feels they have done wrong or failed in some way.

Upon encountering such a creature, heroes are encouraged to carefully assess their mental state before deciding whether to engage or flee, as their dominant moral compasses can make them unpredictable rivals. Some will be easily defeated as they give in to what they believe is exactly the treatment they deserve for being such a worthless, vile monster. Others appear to fight most viciously when their burden of regrets is high, indicating that they may perceive victory in battle as their primary path to atonement.



  • Long, flexible neck
  • Propensity toward outbursts of existential frustration, often transferred to rivals via their sharp teeth
  • Immunity to external hatred, as no one could possibly hate them more than they hate themselves right now


  • Low agility on land
  • Invasive memories of past morally questionable acts and bad decisions
  • Asteroids
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