Guild of the Demon King

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Guild of the Demon King
Motto: "Let the demons guide you along the path of Darkness"
Alignment: Evil of all forms
Date Founded: March 9, 2018
Forum Headquarters: Guild of the Demon King
Guild Page: Guild of the Demon King 
Data current as of February 13, 2019

♆ The Guild of the Demon King 🔱

The Guild of the Demon King is the bridge between the Abyss and the mortal lands. All who join shall know the Abyss as a second home. You need not fear the demons and the darkness. You may join our ranks and help spread darkness throughout the land.

"When the demons rise, who will be there to save you? The demons will decide your fate. We are the demons. We are the darkness. And we have cookies." ~ Demon Lord Azaroth

Our Guild of the Demon King has a succinct purpose. We are a guild of demons who just want to have a good time being our dark selves. Our main claim to fame currently is our Abyssal Bakery and Cafe!, where we have delicious baked goodies, such as our specialty, cookies! We also have various kinds of breads and pastries, all baked with hellfire, giving each goodie a unique, delicious flavor only found here. Next to the bakery is the Cafe, where you can sit down to a relaxing lunch, eating a nice salad, sandwich, or stack of pancakes, to name a few options. We even have a little hero's menu for the younger ones!

Our Less Than Humble Origins

Back in the Abyss, after the marriage of Lord Azaroth and Azazel, things changed. Lord Azaroth relaxed and started to reform, becoming more grounded and less maniacal. Thus, when Azazel proposed opening a bakery, Azaroth couldn't refuse. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. It truly was, as the chain of the Abyssal Bakery and Cafe spread throughout the Abyss and eventually the whole Demonic Realm! So when Azaroth came to the Godville world with Azazel to play Godville together, they figured that they would try to make a guild and open a branch of the Bakery here. This guild, in part, was created to manage this branch, but also seemingly to spread the demonic message of darkness. But c'mon! Cookies!!!

Joining the Guild of the Demon King

Joining our coven of demons is simple:

  • To start, make sure your hero has a true heart of darkness. We accept all who are full of darkness and evil while shunning the righteous.
  • Your hero must be level 12 to join a guild. Keep this in your mind of darkness.
  • When you are prepared to let sin fill your soul, simply command Join "Guild of the Demon King" guild to your hero. In case you have trouble by typing the voice yourself — just copy the italicized text.
  • Your hero may not be ready to fill his/her heart and soul with darkness. Thus, he/she may not listen to your commands. If this happens, simply persist. Eventually, they will come to listen.
  • You will know when the guild quest starts when your quest becomes Become the X'th member of "Guild of the Demon King"

    Make sure to wait approx. 30 seconds between commandments, as heroes take time to recover from a commandment.

    A Guide for Fledgling Demons

    Do not be frightened of the demons. We will not harm one of our own. However, if you want to feel welcome in the guild, you might want to prove yourself. Become the vilest member! Become the strongest member! Do whatever you feel proves yourself to the guild.

    Always watch out for quests to change guilds. If you ever see a quest stating "Become the X'th member of "Guild Name" guild" as a quest, cancel it immediately. Do note that we are not calling out the "Guild Name" guild, as we are just using the phrase as a placeholder.

    A great way to show support for the guild is the use of the symbol of solidarity. Putting one of our symbols, the tridents, ♆ or 🔱, into your motto will show the world that you are part of the Guild of the Demon King, a fact all demons should be proud of.

    We do have expectations for our demons. We expect all of our demons to show their darkness. We expect our demons to prove themselves in the pantheon of destruction. We expect our demons to shun the light as they bask in the darkness. We expect our demons to smile in the air of depravity. If you cannot handle the darkness, find another guild. Remember, even though we are cookie selling demons, we are nontheless still demons.

    What it Means to be a Demon

    “Being a demon means dancing with shadows every witching hour, running ragged teeth over stone to savor the fear of earth. Being a demon means stepping into a river, watching it run red, and knowing this is all your doing.” ~ Kassia Rainsonne
    “Demons are beings not bound by the concepts of right and wrong.” ~ Doomzone
    “Demons are beings of darkness and freedom. The Guild of the Demon King is a gathering place for us beings of darkness: A haven of darkness.” ~ Demon Lord Azaroth

    Demons favor the strong and cast out the weak. This can make camaraderie and issue in the Abyss. However, when united towards a goal, the demons will work together to accomplish their task. In the Guild of the Demon King, we are all demons working towards a common goal: To spread our darkness throughout the land. When one demon falls behind in their quest, we expect another to be there to catch them. If a weaker demon is having trouble making progress in our mission, we expect you to help strengthen them.

    Demons are beings of darkness. Needless to say, we are what mortals refer to as evil. That being said, they’re not wrong. Demons feed off of sin, rule in chaos, and bathe in the blood of their victims. Us demons are ruthless, vengeful, diabolical, and depraved. In the Guild of the Demon King, we expect each of our demons to follow those expectations and be the darkest demon you can. Be ruthless, be vengeful, be diabolical, be depraved, be a demon.

    The Hall of the Demon King

    The Hall of the Demon King

    Our guild hall, known as the Hall of the Demon King, is in quite a secluded area. Located deep in the mountains near San Satanos, this guild hall has everything a true demon loves. Lava, hellfire, danger, and tons of space. The hall itself was once a base that the demonic monarchy used during their exploits. We’ve repurposed it into our base of darkness. What was once abandoned is now a bastion of evil. There are many different wings within the hall, each serving its own purpose in the hall, and many mesmerizing hotspots surrounding the hall.

    The hall was built into the mountains. Thus, while only a small portion is visible from the outside, the hall is spacious enough to house a small army in comfort. However, this gives the hall one perk: It is nigh impregnable. If anything, it is more of a fortress than a guildhall. Alas, it serves as our base, and will until the bitter end. There are five wings to the hall, with each being separated into smaller sections. They are the Residential Wing, the Combat Wing, the Commercial Wing, the Administrative Wing, and the Demonic Wing. In order to enter the hall, you must navigate a series of tunnels to reach the central courtyard, where the split between the wings is located. Failure to navigate the tunnels have taken many lives in the past. Only members of the guild know the secret to navigation.

    The Central Courtyard

    The Central Courtyard in the Hall of the Demon King

    The courtyard is a common gathering place for the demons of the guild.
    It acts as a hub to the hall, allowing easy navigation of the hall, assuming you can make it.
    When two of our demons want to meet up, generally they will tell each other to meet by the statue in the center.
    Though not the largest of the courtyards, it is certainly the most important.

    The Five Wings

    The five main wings of the Hall of the Demon King are what make our guildhall stand out from the other halls. Each hall serves a specific purpose, making sure the hall is both comfortable and practical for our demons.

    The Residential Wing

    Our renowned Abyssal Library
    A standard suite within the Residential Wing.

    The Residential Wing is the wing where, as the name implies, the living and common quarters of the hall are located. Upon acceptance into the guild, each member will get one small suite to themselves, equipped with a bedchamber and bath chamber. As the hall was repurposed from a previous fortress of the former demon king, it is quite luxurious. Demons can enjoy comfort and privacy in their suites. The suites are separated into three floors, with each floor denoting a range of ranks within the guild. As you progress through the ranks of the guild, you are able to apply for a better suite on a higher floor. However, even the lowest ranked suites are of better quality than most housing options in other guilds. The perks of inheriting a hall from royalty truly show in our hall.

    One of the restaurants within the Residential Wing
    One of the communial dining halls within the Residential Wing

    Another establishment within our Residential Wing is our dining areas. We have a variety of dining halls and restaurants in our hall, serving a wide variety of food from the various planes of the universe. Of course, we specialize in the Abyssal favorites, dishes pertaining to the use of souls. If you’ve never tried to eat a mortal soul, then I don’t know what you are doing with your life. The dining services range from free to expensive. That being said, no matter what your financial situation is, in the Guild of the Demon King you will never be hungry. Unless you choose to be...

    One of the common rooms in the Residential Wing

    Finally, there are the commons. There are a plethora of common areas within the Residential Wing of the hall.
    These common areas act as places for the demons of the guild to get together, relax, or just enjoy life.
    Sometimes, the common areas are used for guild games, sometimes for parties, other times for recreation. The commons are whatever you make of them.
    There are many different common areas, including parks, lounges, courtyards, and our renowned library, featuring tens of thousands of books and scrolls from both the mortal lands and the Abyss.

    The Combat Wing

    The Grand Coliseum in the Combat Wing

    The Combat Wing is a very simple wing. It is a place for our demons to train and spar. Fighting is strictly forbidden in the guild, outside of training spars and the occasional unlucky arena pairing. We also hold combat tournaments within the guild. All are held in the Combat Wing’s Grand Coliseum. All of our sparring matches are fought with referees to make sure neither participant inflicts any serious damage to the other. Afterall, we here at the Guild of the Demon King wish to see none of our demons weakened in any way.

    The Commercial Wing

    The Commercial Wing is a marketplace for the Guild of the Demon King. As a guild supporting and including the former Demon King, we naturally have full support from the Abyss. This is where many of our employees come from. The Commercial Wing sells wares of all kinds, both from Abyssal sellers and from shopkeepers in the Guild. If you would like to support your fellow demons or buy some products of the Abyss without having to travel there yourself, look no further than the Commercial Wing. In fact, the Commercial Wing’s shops have branches all over the mortal world. There are shops within almost every single city with ties to our Commercial Wing. Unfortunately, due to regulations, we are unable to supply any pictures of our shops or Commercial Wing. As we are the darkness, we sell cookies. Our Abyssal Bakery has a wide range of baked goods and other foods. It is our most popular shop after all.

    The Administrative Wing

    The Council Room

    The Administrative Wing is the wing where all of the important decisions are made. If you are of high enough rank, you will be permitted into the Administrative Wing, allowing you to participate in Guild Council discussions, elections, and other important decisions. Just remember, admittance into the Administrative Wing is a privilege, not a right. Failure to comply with the laws of the guild will result in termination of Administrative privileges for a time deemed worthy by the rest of the council.

    The Demonic Wing

    The most enigmatic of the wings, the Demonic Wing holds all things Abyssal in the guild. This wing is strictly for our demons only. If a demon brings a guest to the hall, the guest will not be permitted into the Demonic Wing. There are many points of interest in the wing. However, as mentioned previously, only official demons are allowed in. Due to this, even I am not allowed to share pictures of these locations.

    The Blood Ocean:

    During the many conquests and massacres performed by the demons, we decided to collect the blood of our victims and create the Blood Ocean as a testament to our might. The ocean is truly an ocean, made of the blood of the many trillions of souls killed by myself and other demons. When last measured, the Blood Ocean contained 4,600,000,000,000,000 (4.6 quadrillion) liters of blood from a plethora of different beings. You name a species, chances are there is at least 1000 specimen’s worth of blood within the ocean.

    The Dungeons:

    When a demon commits a particularly heinous crime against a fellow demon or the guild, they are sent to the dungeons. These dungeons were specifically designed to be the most terrifying of torture chambers, with only the most skilled and loyal of demons allowed to perform such evil acts against their victims. There is one other function to the dungeons. If ever a demon finds themselves face to face with another being who they believe deserves the dungeons, simply drag them into the hall, tell the guards of the situation, and the council will vote on whether or not the being in question deserves our demonic retribution.

    The Classrooms:

    This area is not very interesting but is crucial to the development of the guild. Essentially, within these rooms, new demons are taught about their life within the guild. This includes learning the language of demons, learning the laws of the guild, and learning the history of our people. Every demon who enters the guild goes through this education process. But do not fret. It is quite short, so you will not lose too much time from your evil escapades.

    Points of Interest

    The Satanos Mountain Range, location of the Hall of the Demon King
    Mount Azrael, a popular hiking destination for our demons

    Surrounding the Guildhall are the mountains of San Satanos. These desolate mountains serve as protection for the hall and as wonderful hiking spots for our demons. Due to the rough, hot, rugged terrain, these mountains are the most similar to the terrain of the Abyss, hence the decision to build here. Some popular hikes include climbing to the summit of Mount Azrael, taking a stroll along the banks of the Lava River, or leisurely walking along the guild promenades. Wherever you go in the surrounding areas, you will find beautiful Abyssal hellscapes. Just make sure not to fall into the lava. The guild is not responsible for any accidents that befall hikers on our grounds.

    Notable Demons

    We have a few notable demons who you might see throughout the Guildhall. These include:

    Prominent Figures

    Ba'al, The Guardian of the Guild

    Ba'al killing a dragon after it annoyed him slightly.
    Ya'aroth after a long fight.
    Azazel prestidigitating something fun.
    Myras looking into your soul.

    When entering the Guildhall, you will be asked by Ba’al to show your guild badge.
    After showing it to him, you’ll be allowed in. Beware of angering Ba’al though. He is by far one of the most powerful demons out there.

    Azazel, the Lead Merchant

    Azazel is usually seen wandering the Commercial Wing, checking up on the various merchants selling their wares.
    He manages the Commercial Wing’s finances and permits. He is one of the more approachable demons out there, so feel free to spark up a conversation.
    Who knows? Maybe it will help you clinch a shop in the wing! Just don’t bring up his fallen angel past.

    Ya'aroth, the Coach

    Don’t be intimidated by his terrifying appearance or his violent tendencies, Ya’aroth is one of the most integral parts of the guild.
    He serves as the head coach of the Combat Wing, and often referees sparring matches to make sure nothing too bad happens. He loves to spread his wings in a good hunt for mortal souls though. Generally, he uses this as a training exercise.

    Myras, the Teacher

    The teacher of the guild, who every new demon is familiar with. When not teaching new demons, she loves to wander around and chat with other demons.
    Don’t be alarmed if she asks if you are free in the night though. Once a succubus, always a succubus...

    The Seven Deadly Sins

    The most important, as well the most powerful demons. They watch over the guild and moderate its shenanigans. They also should probably be in your friend list, so add them right away!... or ask them to be added in case you're out of invites.

  • Lord of Pride - Demon Lord Azaroth
  • Lord of Greed - Prince Inigo

    The Laws of the Guild

    We have only four simple laws:

  • Law 1: Encouragement in the field is strictly forbidden.
  • Law 2: If a demon gains a “good” alignment for longer than 3 days, they will be removed from the Guild Council until they hit at least a “cruel” alignment. We expect our demons to uphold our mission of darkness. If you venture into the light, you will only be hurting yourself.
  • Law 3: Demons should include one of the symbols of solidarity, 🔱 or ♆, in their motto, to show support and membership within the guild.
  • Law 4: Demons are not to fight each other unless they are training in the Combat Wing, Sparring to train, or get unluckily paired in the Arena.

    You may want to write in GC or PM a fellow guildmate to announce when you're sending to Arena, but don't feel obliged to do so.

    Guild Role Play

    We have a Discord server! Link here! Feel free to join us in the Hall of the Demon King. Just note that we accept guests into our hall, but they will not have access to the full hall. Only guild members have access to certain places.

    Events & Winners


    Every week in the Abyssal Bakery and Cafe, we hold 4 events, 3 of which are contests! Winning a contest nets you a free box of 60 cookies of your choice! Runners-up will receive a box of 40 cookies of their choice! Third Place will receive a box of 20 cookies of their choice! Cookie totals will appear below the event list, as we will keep track of the highest totals!

    Tuesdays: Trivia Tuesday

    On Tuesday is our Trivia Tuesday competition. Entrants give a fun fact about the theme of the night. Can be real or fake. Creativity and adherence to the theme are rewarded with cookies.

    Thursdays: Comedy Cookies

    On Thursday is the Comedy Cookies Event. Be funny! Tell a joke and make us demons laugh. Funniest and most creative jokes will receive cookies. Remember, like Trivia Tuesdays, there is a theme to stick to!

    Sundays: Short Story Sunday

    On Sunday is Short Story Sunday! Craft a short story based on the theme. They can range from single sentences to multiple paragraphs! Though do keep it to a shorter length. Best, most creative, and most relevant to the theme gain cookies!

    Cookie Standings

    The current Cookie Leaderboard is as follows:

    1. SourceRunner - 50 Cookies!

    2. Lugnasad - 32 Cookies!

    3. Prince Inigo - 30 Cookies!

    4. Freya 12 - 26 Cookies!

    5. Crimsoninvictus - 20 Cookies!

    6. Leng Wu - 12 Cookies!

    7. S624 - 10 Cookies!

    8. Pysrilexot - 8 Cookies!

    8. Alphina the Luminous - 8 Cookies!

    10. Queenclaire - 6 Cookies!

    Most Popular Flavor: Chocolate Chip

    Image References

    Where our pictures have been found.


    The concept and management of the Guild of the Demon King are accredited to Demon Lord Azaroth.

    Shylke may or may not edit this wiki page to make it eyesore keep it up to date. Sometimes.

    If you contribute to the furtherance of the Guild of the Demon King, feel free to add your name below mine - Demon Lord Azaroth