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Here is a set of guidelines for writing an article about a particular diary entry that your hero may write. If you can't fill all of the necessary points , mark the article as a stub so other people can fill it in. Feel free to be as elaborate or as concise as you want:

Structure for writing a diary article

  1. Type the following at the start, substituting 00:00 for the relevant time :

    {{diary|text = 00:00 Diary entry here.}}

    This will produce something like this:

    !Hero's Diary
    22:41 Writing up the guideline.
  2. Add a relevant picture (optional)
  3. Now, give some information about the entry such as what it refers to, what the effect of the entry is (e.g. gain godpower) and/or what it may be a parody of. If you want to, you could add a quote from the source of the entry if it is from a form of media, and it's author (if it has one). To do this, type:

    {{quote|author=Author's name here , Source here|Quote here}}

    to produce something like this:

    « It isn't easy to write a foolproof guideline!
    Fel1dragon, GodWiki
  4. If you want to add an external link to an on-line resource, add this at the end under an external link heading, enclosing the link in single square brackets.
  5. After you have done as much of the above as possible, categorise your article by adding "[[Category:Heroes]]" and "[[Category: Diary References]]" at the end.

If you are struggling to find inspiration or still don't know how to structure your article, look at the following completed article for inspiration or guidance:

Good luck and happy writing!

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