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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Description Unknown
Boss Type 2-Ability Dungeon

The Grimelord is a boss monster and an annoying whelp. He could make a nun curse, a priest murder and a Saint stamp on a puppy merely by entering a room.

General Information

The Grimelord is entirely oblivious to his effect on society around him because he believes his creativity is a gift to humanity when, in fact, the absolute opposite is actually true. In short Grimelords musical output is the aural equivalent to a full catlitter tray rubbed into one's face instead of an alarm clock. If one is unfortunate enough to see an approaching Grimelord who has already seen you there is only two options: red-hot needles applied immediately to one's own ears or cessation of Grimelords life with use of extreme violence, enthusiasm and or prejudice. Blunt force trauma, decapitation or kittens[1] are strongly recommended.


  1. Kittens must be free range, starved for no longer than 3-4 mins and under no circumstances ginger. Kittens must be recompensed with appropriate worship and or sacrifices.