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Griffin wings and the Tigers fury

Apon a floating cliff far above godville, sat Lily. A beautiful flying tiger. Her stripes were a deep black, and her fur was a soft orange. She was young, and she was prideful, and she was.... bored. Very bored to be exact. She sat staring off the cliff at the land far Below, and wished she could go there. Just once, to see what it was like in the land of heroes and monsters. She had heard the legends and stories of the times when her kind was hunted. Killed only for their beautiful and costly wings. As Lilly thought about it she spread her wings and turned her head to look at them. They extended from her back in a arc of pure orange feathers. Not a single blemish to be seen. Lilly took great pride in her spread. Many times she had been complimented on the bright color of her wings.

As she examined her spread, and wondered what value they would bring in the old times, a spontaneous unexplained gust of wind caught on her wings and pushed her into the open air. For a moment she was spoked as the wind blew her off the cliff. But her instincts took over and her wings began to flap, she had almost righted herself before a stray lightning bolt (a common thing in her world) struck her down. Her mussels jerked in pain, and her vision Bagan to go dark. Before she knew what had happened, she was falling toward the ground at a almost impossible speed.


Down below, a fight had broken out between a young hero named griffin wings, and an older heroine named patty hurtz. They were drunk, and rude, and griffin had tried to sneak away with patty's beer. "I'm going to skin you griffin!!" Patty said as she unsheathed her wapen, a potato peeler. Griffin was to drunk to be scared and pulled out his own wapen, an actual potato. You would think the fight would be one sided, but griffin was ever adapt at fighting with vegetables. He thrust his mighty potato with the confidence only a drunk man could harbor while holding such a weapon. Patty acting quicker then anyone expected, was able to dodge away and peal a large chunk off of griffin's dangerous root. This infuriated griffin who was just starting to get used to the balance of the dirty thing. He decided against his better judgment to simply forgo his dinner that Evening And toss the delectable at his opponent. It came as a great surprise when the delicious veggie hit patty sqare in the face. Griffin smiled his drunk grin as he watched her fall backwards. Before she could get up he had already ran out of pub and halfway down the street. "I'll see you die a thousand times for this griffin!!" Patty called out after him. But he was already gone.