Great Godville debate

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The Competition

The first Great Godville Debate will answer a very simple but contested question, Are our heroes inherently good or evil?

To join the competition submit a 500 or less worded answer to or private message or answer to Hairplug4men by December 30th, 1 a.m. central US time.

The judging

Of all submitted entries will be read and judged by a English major and professional copy editor. Dogess from STA and Bellatrixie from HM. They will pick their top two favorites who will win 45 charges each. Then those two stories will be sent to the forums for the public to judge their favorite who will win 120 extra charges. The top two will be chosen by Jan, 5 and will be on the forums by the seventh. All ties will be decided by Hairplug4men. All Submissions will be posted in the forums after a winner has been chosen.