Great Caesar's Ghost

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Monsters of Godville
Great Caesar's Ghost
Class Spirit
Habitat Decaying ruins of Rome
Description Dictator-y, Know-it-all

The Great Caesar's Ghost is a spirit monster.

Once a feared Roman General, Caesar now has other plans. When his life was cut short by a band of assassins, he had a lot of time to rethink his time on the mortal plane. Now, fueled by other worldly hatred and revenge, he has come back to attempt to reclaim his rightful place in battle. When not bullying your prodigy, he spends his time chatting with dead heroes, reenacting old battles with straw dolls, and shamelessly watching Spartacus. His tactical knowledge is dangerous when playing a game of chess with him.



  • Fearless in the face of death (again)
  • Tactical situations
  • Snappy dressing


  • Leaf crowns
  • Films about Rome
  • Sharp, pointy things