Great Bull of Fire

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Great Bull of Fire
Bovus megafuego
“Goodness gracious! Great Bull of Fire!”
Strong Monster
Class Bovine.
Habitat Amid the flames of the nearest conflagration, or at the piano bar.
Description Unknown

The Great Bull of Fire (Bovus megafuego) is a monster who wanders Godville, setting fire to grasslands and hearts.


Whether there are many Great Bulls of Fire or only one remains unclear, but popular myth reports that a bull with a peculiar allergy to godly influence got caught in a punishment. It swelled up to an enormous size and took on the flames of the meteor that struck it, but developed amazing dancehall piano skills as a nonsensical side effect.

Observers who seek out piano bars where these creatures perform are advised to not look at their hooves on the keys, as madness is known to result from such a viewing.



  • Fine control over fires, such that they can distribute their flames over 9 square meters, or concentrate them into a welder’s point.
  • Uniquely skilled at will-breaking.


  • Known to be reduced to tears by a harmonic chord.
  • Knows every university fight song in Godville, and can be induced to play them all sequentially.