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📜This article is about something which is no longer in the game.
The subject of this article was once a part of Godville, but is no longer. It is kept for historical or creative value. Please don't mark for deletion without discussion, but further creativity or information are welcome!
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Artifacts of Godville
Golden pumpkin
Gold pumpkin.jpg
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Halloween Seasonal?
Cost No godpower
Effect Need to be confirmed.

Type: Artifact (Seasonal)

The Golden pumpkin was an artifact available during Halloween 2012, 2013 and 2014 as well. In 2015 it is available year-round, often as a reward for smiting an Undead. This pumpkin is the cousin of the "Great pumpkin" and is suitable for punkin' chunkin' since it smushes instead of flying apart into various bits when chunked great distances. This pumpkin makes a delicious pumpkin pie, if your hero is able to locate the recipe. If the hero carries this in their inventory long enough, it will transform into a gold brick. Otherwise, the shopkeeper will pay a pretty good bit of coin for one. The only requirement for use is to manage to find one that your hero likes amongst all the others in the pumpkin patch, previously hosted in the town of Godville only during Halloween.

These can now be found as zero-GP Activatable Artifacts that may be transformed into a log of Gopher wood, Golden Brick or other item.

!Hero's Diary
The Undead Stare Master was killed once again. Made a nice golden pumpkin out of its head.

!Hero's Diary
The golden pumpkin suddenly turned into a golden brick. Pretty good transformation I say.

!Hero's Diary
The golden pumpkin suddenly turned into a golden brick. That was unexpected.

!Hero's Diary
The golden pumpkin suddenly turned into a golden brick. Yes, it's that easy...

Halloween 2012 
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