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Welcome to the GodWiki, written by Gods and Goddesses for Gods and Goddesses.

Here is some quick info about GodWiki structure.
For all information on how to create and edit an article, see the Rules and the Creators Manual.


GodWiki Structure

Any of you can contribute to the GodWiki once your champion has reached the level 15. Your divine name, displayed on the top of the screen on desktop or on the bottom on mobile view, link you to your user page. This user page is a special page only you and yourself can edit, and the associated talk page allow you to receive notifications when someone leave you a message in the said talk page (see the Guideline: God Articles to see tips on how to create your user page).

Category:Gameplay – 'Being a God - 101'. These articles describe main objects in the game, their function and purpose, and how they are related to other parts of Godville (game objects, items, definitions are the entities referenced in the hero's diary and on the "hero" page). This category includes not only articles, but other categories as well. For example, Hero article is also included in Heroes, Monster article - Monsters etc.

The world of Godville is not available to gods unless they have at least one hero. The page that includes various information about the hero is the first page the god sees, probably for longest periods of time.

While the god is still looking around trying to understand where he is, the hero is already rushing into their first quest - these will be the main occupation for the entirety of the hero's life. Quests do not depend on hero's level and after some time they will start to repeat. Some of them make strong impressions on heroes (or, rather, their gods). For these occasions we have Category:Quests.

It's simply impossible to be on a quest and not run into a monster. Heroes will fight the monsters most of the time they encounter them. The descriptions of monsters go into Category:Monsters category. Note: as a God/Goddess, you have the ability to write Hero's Chronicles for your hero. This is a way to regale other Gods with accounts of battle, hero travels and/or tips. Rating the chronicles will reflect in the hero's Pantheon of Storytellers (This helps all players to vote).

As a result of interaction with a monster heroes may acquire Artifacts - sometimes in a peaceful way, but most often not. Some of the artifacts are more valuable than others, and some might even deserve to be described in the Category:Artifacts category. Expensive artifacts might find their place here: Category:Bold Artifacts. Some very rare artifacts are especially valuable, because the god can make use of them. Description for those artifacts goes into Category:Activatable Artifacts.

Once the hero reaches level 12, s/he starts looking for like-minded persons in various Guilds. Gods, however, might start thinking about that much sooner, and the articles in Category:Guilds category might be helpful for that. Creators of articles in this category are advised to include at least some of the following information about the guild: what the guild stands for, its goals, methods or justification (or the lack thereof), the guild's history (or the legend of creation), description of the guild's headquaters, guild's motto, anthem or crest.

Starting from level 15, heroes will start to acquire special skills. The Category:Skills category is for the articles describing various skills a hero might have.

At level 18, heroes are able to have a pet, obtained by fighting a tameable monster. Information on this subject, such as common pet names, types, level usually acquired, etc should be included in the category Category:Pets

And finally Category:Pantheons describes various pantheons that exist in Godville.

There are two more interesting categories. The Category:Technical contains various technical information, descriptions for software additions to Godville, etc. The Category:Backstage relates to additional information on how it all really works, history of updates, biography of the creators and other interesting things not directly related to the game.

Refrain from making lists of items instead of articles. Having just a list of game objects will only reduce the fun of discovering them in the game. Having an interesting (and not necessarily real or serious) article about the game object will be much better.

GodWiki Guidelines
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