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The Godwiki Kid’s Corner

The picture above is just a small corner of the extensive libraries containing all of the informational pieces ever submitted to the GodWiki.

The GodWiki is the opensource, divine encyclopedia of Godville that was created by users, for users, and can be edited by its users. Technically, anyone can contribute but at some point it was decided that only those with a hero who had achieved level 15 or higher could contribute. Possibly this rule was instituted in order to help any potential newbies to avoid a lifetime of regrets or at least brief moments of minute remorse, but the actual reason is unknown.

The GodWiki has so much information that it couldn’t all possibly fit into one single book, even when compressed and printed double-sided using font size three. Instead, the writers all agreed to divide the works for The Godwiki into numerous pieces in order to be able to more feasibly be able to access, edit, and store all of information for all the users.

The pieces include a varied collection of a wide assortment of the following: business, index, and recipe cards, matchbooks, cocktail napkins, cards, individual pages, microfiche, photographs, artwork, electronic media, articles, comic books, maps, posters, collectible bobble head figures, colorful tapestries, journals, diaries, coins, newspapers, leaflets, magazines, booklets, resumes, vitaes, soft and hard covered books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Masters Theses, Doctorial dissertations, and every printed edition of the Godville Times.

The GodWiki is the source of all Godville information. Anyone is welcome to create or even edit any article here. If you have the time, we would appreciate it if you could write a short article on a particular Monster, Artifact, Skill, Quest or piece of Equipment that has caught your eye or sparked your imagination. If you have no experience, then refer to the Creators Manual for a simple guide on how to get started. A very special thank you to all of you for all your contributions!