Godville National Tournament

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Godville National Tournament
Motto: Come one Come all!
Founder: GodSallius 
Date Founded: 10 July 2013
Forum Headquarters: thread

Match Type

Single Elimination


Registration is open now, if you have been on the reserve list please reaffirm you interest and I will add you, Tournament starts October 1st

It will be a double elimination fight with a winners and losers brackets, we will be limiting it to 15 voice commands only per fight

May the Best God/ess win


Fight logs must be posted to our the tourney thread where the Judges will review for a clean fight and declare the winner.


Godville Devs have offered a total of 200 charges to the winners

Grand Prize is 100 Charges

Runner up gets 50

3rd place receives 30

4th will get 20


  1. Highest level hero fights next highest, down the line, Next round, same thing.
  2. Use of miracles, encourage/punishes are not allowed, only Voice commands
  3. Each tier of the tournament will last a total of 14 days,
    1. If players are able to send friend invites and one fails to respond within 3 days prior to the end of the round, the non-responsive player will be eliminated.
    2. If neither player can come up with a friend invite, and players are unable to meet in the arena due to level differences, both players will be eliminated.
    3. If the player is able to send an invite but don't then the one whom failed to start the match will be eliminated.
  4. Each round must be completed within 14 days time frame for the bracket or both players may be eliminated. This means:
  5. Tiers will be random setup. The winner in the end will be whom ever fights the hardest, so play to win, or risk going home.
  6. The higher level player will be the one responsible for starting the match or if agreements are met the lower ranked can if charges are available but must let it be known just in case of failures in starting the match.
  7. Have Fun!

Forfeit Rules

  1. If you no longer wish to participate please let us know either by PM to Godsallius  or forums page and I will let your opponent know you no longer wish to leave.
  2. Failing to meet one of the above rules can also cause immediate forfeiting of the match.
  3. If you forfeit or are eliminated for any rule violations that god will also be removed from any losers brackets or further match based rounds.

Reporting Match Results

Once a battle is complete, send the battle log to Godsallius  via private message in GV or on the Tournament forums page. You only need to send the final GV post, however we encourage you to save a screenshot and/or the link to each battle.



1st place: SpiralAbyss

2nd place: LHR Bad Karma

3rd place: Azzageddi

4th place: Naturalblondechick

Last Tournament Winners

1st place Wultimate

2nd place OMG I am God

3rd place Rosalind Vivian

4th place XenoEnd




Council of Tournament Coordinators

GodSallius  Head Coordinator

GodSirielia  Facebook Admin

GodOMG I am God  Developer Liaison

GodHairplug4men  Forum Admin

More still TBD

Special Thanks

I would like to give special thanks to GodOmg I Am God  for his work in the early stages of the tournament and working with the Dev's in setting up our prize. GodHairplug4men , GodNaturalblondechick  for all his help in setting up the forum and giving advice on making this one successful. GodSirielia  for assisting with setup and preparations as well as maintaining of the wiki. And finally GodArtsonian  for finding us and helping spread the first word. GodFred Flintstone  for suggesting the brackets for the wiki. I would also like to thank the Developers of Godville games for there support for not just the tournament but for bringing us this wonderful game as well, Thank you all.

I would also like to thank all the guilds (in no particular order) for helping to make this possible:

Slaves to Armok, Gamer's Guild, Wild Seven, Knights who say Ni, Blue Feather, Yggdrasil The Ash Tree, Harvest Moon, Soul Reapers, League of Adjudicators, E.I.S. Eternal, Unleashed, Sowing Sun, The Old Gods, Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy, ℭαmelot ✠, Heart of Neutrality, Hrenelly