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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Homo Arx Deicidii
Class Humanoid
Habitat Dungeon
Description I came, I saw, I kicked heroes ass.
Boss Type 3-Ability Dungeon

The Godbuster (Homo Arx Deicidii) is a powerful and cruel boss monster found in dungeons rumored to be a migthiest kind of Antihero.

General Informations


Similarly to Antiheroes or Feral Heroes, Godbusters have either be forsaken or lost faith in their deity and are now hunting down heroes to get revenge.

But growing tired of being associated with monsters they considered weaker, those powerful Boss Monsters decided to specialize in dungeon keeping and formed an elite mercenary group called Godbusters in 1984g.e.[1] Their motto somehow became Godville-world famous, even to heroes.[2]

« If there's strange heroes in your dungeon, who you gonna call? Godbusters!
Godbusters motto

Those now legendary mercenaries sell their skills against the opportunity to kill Gods champions who roam in dungeons in quest of golds and treasures. Because of their remarkable skills, they are often asked to guard the treasure trove itself. [3]

Gossips say Godbusters really like to contemplate the hope in heroes eyes seeing a glimpse of the treasure, and wreck that hope with a good amount of weapon in the face.


Godbusters are heroes look-alike, in both mind and body except for the blessing of a God and the evilness in their cruel heart.Godbusters are usually seen wearing full black heavy armor, with a complete helmet, and various kinds of melee weapons and shields according to indivual preferences.

Rumored to be forsaken high-leveled heroes, Godbusters skills, in both armed fighting and cunning strategy, exceed easily those of Antiheroes and Feral Heroes and a single mercenary can handle a whole party of heroes by itself.

Supposed Daily Life

Soon... diary entry like Adminotaur one.



  • Antihero enhanced physical and tactical abilities
  • Top notch weaponry armor
  • Can't be bribed by heroes.


  • Can't cross its power stream with another Godbuster [4]
  • Doesn't have any God's Blessing
  • May prefer have fun killing heroes rather than fulfilling its contract to the letter.


  1. ↑ "History and Influence of Forsaken Champions of Gods in Godville", published in 2951g.e.
  2. ↑ Ranked 7th in the totally serious "Records of guilds and groups motto by popularity." published in 2457g.e.
  3. ↑ "Records and Statisticq of Godbusters roles in dungeon of Godville", published in 2345g.e.
  4. ↑ "Once, two Godbusters crossed their power streams in a village for fun. No one heard of them , or of the village, since. Kinda logic when the blast formed a 5km crater!", Surviving hero with binoculars and popcorn, Bosswell, 1991g.e.
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