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Welcome to Projects! This page lists all the community effort in improving and maintaining GodWiki. Here, you can start your own project or join an existing one.

How to start a project

Important: Before starting a project, please make sure there's not an existing one with a similar goal. If there's an existing project that is similar to what you had in mind, consider joining that project instead.

If you've determined that your project idea doesn't exist yet, follow these steps:

  1. Create the main project page by typing GodWiki:Projects/your project name. You can be as whimsical as you like when naming your project but make sure the project's name reflects the project's goal.
  2. Give an overview of your project's goal. This is where you justify why your project needs to exist. Identify the scope and intended result of your project.
  3. Create an instruction or to-do list to help coordinate your collaborative efforts. You can start with smaller tasks and add new ones as old ones are completed.
  4. If necessary, create a list of pages or a sandbox for your project. This will help you identify your project's progress.
  5. (Optional) Make a list of contributors so everyone can have a place they can sign up. The list also helps you keep track of who else is working on the project.
  6. Add your project to the list below. Don't forget to give a short description of your project so everyone can see what you're working on.
  7. Remember to always update your project's page with every progress you've made. Cross out completed tasks, add new ones if need be, or tag your project as completed or abandoned. Please don't forget to state the reason for abandoning your project if you choose to do so.

If you have any questions about projects, feel free to ask in the Discussion page or message Zoombie, who made this page and is currently maintaining it.

List of Projects

  • Permanent Projects - This section is for wiki-wide maintenance projects that are open ended and will go on indefinitely.
  • Ongoing Projects - This section is for one-off projects that can be completed at a reasonable amount of time.
  • Abandoned Projects - This section is for abandoned projects that anyone may pick up.
  • Completed Projects - This section is for completed projects.

Permanent Projects
Project Title Project Description Status Notes
Issue Tracker Tracks any major issues on GW that needs to be fixed or reported Feel free to report any broken stuff here
Categorization of uncategorized files Files that need to be categorized with a template such as artifact, monster, or landmark. This is an easy maintenance task
Pages Needin' Fixin' List of pages that need some minor fixes done (typos, formatting, layouts, missing templates, missing navboxes, missing categories, etc.) This may be a good place to start with trying things out in the wiki.
Update The Lists! GodWiki needs to be regularly updated and we need your help. The easiest maintenance task in GW
Main Page Permanent workplace for the Main Page The place to go if you want improvement for the Main Page.
Guild's Page Maintenance Mainly templating with {{guild}} or {{delete guild}}.

Ongoing Projects
Project Title Project Description Status Notes
Mini-quests rewrite Page needs to be rewriten from scratch. 😬 On hold since ages See the article page for more information
Guidebook Facelift Reorganization of the entire Godwiki Guidebook and all the guidelines, for the purpose of adding clarity. Doing.png In progress... See this sandbox and this Discussion for more information
CSS buttons and shapes An experiment of what can and cannot be done with pure CSS in GW Doing.png In progress... See the page for more information
Collapsible diary A modification of the {{Diary}} template to make it collapsible. Hold.png On hold Currently on hold until the current contributor can figure out how to integrate it to the current template.
Ideabox template desktop version An expansion of the {{Ideabox votes}} template which simulates how the Ideabox looks like in the web/desktop version Hold.png On hold Currently on hold until the current contributor can figure out how accepted and rejected ideas look like in desktop.

Abandoned Projects
Project Title Project Description Status Notes
Some abandoned project Some description here Wontfux.png Abandoned Abandoned due to lack of time

Completed Projects
Project Title Project Description Status Notes
JanuWiki 2019 Content Writing Contest Tick.png Done
SummerWiki 2019 Content Writing Contest Tick.png Done
{{Usergod}} Overhaul Overhaul of template Tick.png Done
JanuWiki 2020 Content Writing Contest Tick.png Done
{{Featured}} automatization See title Tick.png Done
Main Page rework Rework of the Main Page Tick.png Done See Talk for more information