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Monsters of Godville
Caiman bellicoides
Class Reptile
Habitat The Sewers and Arena of Godville.
Description Ave caesar, caimanes te salutam

The Gladigator (Caiman bellicoides) is a monster that happened when someone flushed alligators into the arena.


In the ancient days of Godville, the arena was a more "open-minded" battlefield. Many unreasonably dangerous (for heroes and the public alike) eccentricities were put to test. It usually was just explosives, summonings, and the occasional use of unregulated magic, but one day a retired (and allegedly drunk) hero had an idea that nearly got the arena shut down.

"If alligators are natural killing machines," he reasoned, "why don't we train them to use spears and shields so they are twice the killing machines?"

It sounded like a good idea. And it was, until one of the resulting "gladigators," named Mondiba, started a rebellion and overtook the arena and its surroundings over the course of a few days.

This rebellion was short-lived. The gods, furious at the arena being hijacked, dropped the highest amount of punishments per square meter ever seen in Godville. In the aftermath, the arena stood as a charred ring of stones with a crown of debris around it. But not all the gladigators were eliminated that day, the survivors fled to the sewers to hide and maybe someday try again. Ever since, these monsters roam the lands of Godville trying to find heroes to kill in revenge, a plan that usually backfires.



  • Tremendous jaw strength.
  • Apex ambush predator.
  • Actually knows how to use a shield, unlike most heroes.


  • Can't easily reopen its mouth if held closed.
  • Diet of sewer rats sometimes leads to starvation insanity.
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