Gift of fate

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Artifacts of Godville
Gift of fate
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Unknown
Cost No godpower
Effect May give the hero a pleasant surprise

A Gift of fate is a magical present sent from above that was intended to be received by a particularly scatter-brained hero, but that was never delivered to its designated recipient and so has remained lost in time. Their rarity can be explained by the simple fact that not many heroes will ignore such a powerful gift from their god, however stupid they may be.

This artifact requires no godpower to activate. Its effect varies, but unlike a black box-type, it doesn't cause negative effects, such as:

  • Healing to the hero(ine)
  • Transforms into a golden brick
  • Transforms into a worship-o-meter
  • Transforms into a quest guidebook - completes 50% of a regular quest
!Hero's Diary
07:41 The gift of fate jumped out of my backpack, started to sizzle, and transformed into a golden brick.


  • Perhaps undocumented, but it used to be a black box-type of activatable artifact.
  • During Godville's 9th anniversary, a hero(ine) in town would buy a gift of fate in the shops.
!Hero's Diary
07:40 Spent 830 coins celebrating the Godville Birthday. Got gift of fate and bunch of best wishes.