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Not to be confused with Gaolkeeper.
Monsters of Godville
Class undead corpse
Habitat Football pitches
Description Undead Keeper

The Ghoulkeeper was once a goalkeeper for Bumchester United, but one day had a terrible accident, he was mauled by a bear and the only way he could heal was for a Orc Shaman to put him in a horrible disfigured body. Do not mistake it for a Gaolkeeper, for your own sake.

When he returned to practice his teammates where so horrified that they ran away screaming. So he ate them.

To this day the ghoulkeeper lurks around football pitches, mourning for his teamates and crying everywhere. Once some heroes laughed at him, saying he was a "crybaby". So he ate them.

Heroes are advised not to go near this creature, for his tantrums are so loud most heroes eardrums pop in a second, and their small brains come out whole from their ears, making the hero even dumber than they usually are.



  • Huge mouth that can eat you in one go
  • Extreeeeemely loud tantrums
  • Big teeth!!!


  • Is a pyromaniac and sets himself on fire a lot.
  • Giving him a football (Beware! Not an American football) will make him sob. This will provide a valid distraction.
  • S...l...o...w...
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