Ghost of Quests Past

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Monsters of Godville
Ghost of Quests Past
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

The Ghost of Quests Past is a haunting monster.

Having completed numerous quests beyond count, the great Hero of The North (aka Saint Nicholas) finally retired to his air conditioned retreat. Unbeknownst to him, he brought back far more than he had intended....

It started with objects disappearing and reappearing in impossible locations, such as his missing hat, found hidden upon the back of his head. Soon, however, he began levitating as though compelled by a primal force, though he found this rather useful considering the amount of weight he had gained from his retirement. In the end, it was his dreams that would doom him, for every night he would remember the dead face of some innocent monster he had slain from his questing days. Driven mad with guilt, he ate his reindeer and was eventually found frozen, naked, in a pool two inches deep.

Such is the fearsome power of the ghosts of quests past. Atone for your sins, pray frequently to your God, or be haunted by every innocent life you had taken, oh cruel hero.