Generic goodness in a bottle

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Artifacts of Godville
Generic goodness in a bottle
Type ⚙️Activatable
Value 300
Description The ultimate healing artifact.
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Fully restore heroine's Health

Sick of getting sub-par fake potions and health bars from the trader? Here is the real deal! Sure the bottle may look rather generic and all, but the results won't dissapoint you.

This bottle is 101% guaranteed to completely heal your hero. How do we know it works? Because this little bundle of joy is filled to the brim with innocence and good deeds.

The liquid contains feelings of self-esteem, dignity, a bit of love, and unicorn tears to wash those bad thoughts away. Good heroes tend to love the taste of purity. On the other hand, evil heroes find it tastes bitter. Coincidence? Maybe.

Instructions for use

This item can completely restore hero's health. Just drink. (requires 50% of godpower)