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Monsters of Godville
Generic Enemy
Inimicus generica
Class Generic
Habitat Discount stores
Description An off-brand version of a normal monster, but 30% to 60% less costly to fight.

The Generic Enemy (Inimicus generica) is a monster that claims to be just as good as other monsters, but 30% to 60% less costly to fight.

Some Generic Enemies are clones of high and powerful monsters older than 20 years in age. They commonly come with an identical warning and a little packet of information saying they're just as strong and powerful as other monsters, but 30% to 60% less costly to fight. Insurance companies regularly tout the benefits of fighting Generic Enemies, but heroes routinely disagree.

Other types of Generic Enemies dwell a few inches above the forest floor — an area known as the bottom shelf. While in these locations, they commonly wear simple clothes of faded colors made to imitate high and powerful monsters. They also commonly write words across their clothes to trick heroes into thinking they are not a Generic Enemy. These words include: Cirkland, Greater Value, Marketplace Pantry, Samuel's Choice, and Compare to (monster type). Unfortunately for them, even dimwitted heroes can spot these words a mile away. At no point will a Generic Enemy ever be seen at eye level or sitting down at the end of an aisle. They're also rarely seen near cash registers.

There is no honor or bragging rights in defeating a Generic Enemy. Wearing a lock of a Generic Enemy's hair is neither a fashion statement nor a source of pride. Some heroes will routinely walk the long way around a Generic Enemy lest they fear another hero will see the two in combat. Most heroes also ignore the countless scientific studies concluding that Generic Enemies are just as dangerous as other monsters. It appears that no amount of advertising will change this view.

Hero 1: I defeated a level 35 Philosoraptor today.

Hero 2: Really? Wow!

Hero 1: Well, it was a Generic Enemy version of the Philosoraptor.

Hero 2: Oh, never mind then.



  • Just as strong and powerful as other monsters
  • 30% to 60% less costly to fight
  • Accessible in remote locations


  • Cannot sue the hero for damages done
  • Has difficulty making the exact same hit twice
  • Cash registers. They probably fear cash registers, right?