Gas Giant

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Gas Giant
Strong Monster
Class Giant
Habitat Jagged Peaks past Tradeburg
Description Shape shifting ball of gas

A slayer of many a heroine, Gas Giants roam the lands, taking on the approximate form and dimensions of regular giants, only made entirely of gas. As such they are far harder to kill.

Physical attacks are rendered useless by the gaseous nature of the beast, as they slip right through them without leaving a mark, and having full mastery of their form they have killed many a Hero simply by exuding suffocating gasses that quickly overcome them.

They are however vulnerable to magical attacks. Freezing spells in particular work well as the Hero can shatter the monster once frozen and make good their escape before the Gas Giant thaws out and collate their form once again. A wind based attack, if powerful enough can scatter the Gas Giant far and wide, buying enough time to escape.

Incendiary attacks kill these outright, however the resulting explosion and flames will usually flash-fry the Hero in the process. Most forest fires have been caused by careless Heroes incinerating Gas Giants.



  • Immunity to physical attacks.
  • Ability to attack from long range.
  • Ability to sneak up and soundlessly envelope their targets with suffocating fumes.


  • Vulnerable to magical attacks (particularly wind and freezing spells).
  • Incendiary attacks are fatal to it (and usually to the caster as well unless done from extreme range).