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== The Ganjamancers ==

We are the sons and daughters of the sticky,

We are the keepers of the eternal burn,

We defend the dank,

We smite the stems and sticks,

May your bowl be forever full.

We are a bit messy, unshaven and rugged, but we're all about chillin' and relaxin'. If you wanna strike up a conversation in the Guild Council, you'll always get an answer!

If you're looking for a chill out zone..... Come and join us.

Questions will always be answered and help is always there!

Enjoy the Ganja......

Non smokers are welcome :D

By the way, you feel needy to wear your Guild outside the world. Go to:

Ganjamancers Official names/trophies/achievements etc.

Guild Totem

On July 1st, 2017 we got our very first Totem Monster!

The Smart Ass Dragon - Book Wyrm

While he keeps the pot hot, he loves to chat and enjoy Ganja with his friends and guildies.

Here he is chilling~

Book wyrm ii by rynkitty-d5i563o.jpg

And here he is - helping out a newbie guild member; teaching him the ways of the ganja~


High Rank

Well, the vote is now CLOSED! Done and done! And the winner by a margin of 1 vote and "Ganjamancers" Guild's next high rank name, is........

MastaInhaler! Thank you all who participated in the vote, and I hope you will continue with us until our next achievement!

Ganjamancers official theme song

The mancers have spoken! "Ganjamancers" guild's official theme song is........(drum roll)

"Smoke Two Joints" by Sublime!

May the ganja guide you.


Guild Council

~ No Spamming

~ No Verbal Abuse

~ No Advertising (Other guilds or anything)

~ Be kind :)

~ Have fun!

~ Most important - you're free to ask anything!