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Monsters of Godville
scrutantem delphina uident tetulit
Somewhere in the Gands.jpeg
Class mammal
Habitat sky
Totem for The Goonies ⚜️ 
Description Unknown

Gandolphin belongs to a group of beings with strong mental power and several telepathic abilities. They can guess the heroes' quests and spreads auras of protection. They know a lot on how to find 13 remedies for triskaidekaphobia.

Gandolphin is the brave mascot of The Goonies Guild. It has always been know to protect The Goonies appearing in the most opportune moments, spreading light and (god)power.

The Goonies are honored for its protection and inspiration. It is common to meet them in Praising Parties dedicated to Gandolphin, at the Goonies Tavern. Some guilders have mention visions of Gandolphin during these gatherings.