Game Overlord

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Monsters of Godville
Game Overlord
Phaedra elusus
Class Demon
Habitat pinball parlors and pool halls
Death Rattle Game over, sucker !
Description gloves and dark glasses

The Game Overlord (Phaedra elusus) is a mysterious kind of monster


According to legend the Game Overlord sauntered into a pool hall in Godville and walked out a few hours later with every Heroes money, gold bricks and gold teeth ! That night a legend was born of a blind man with uncanny abilities, inhuman aim and a skilled wit.

Soon the legend became a myth as the Game Overlord was never seen again, until many years later a blind man waltzed into a amusement hall in Tradeburg and promptly set high scores on all the amusements there, even the notoriously difficult Barbarian Invaders game. Once again he walked out much richer after having taken bets with all the Heroes there. The few who took umbrage at this and tried to fight the Game Overlord found themselves flung about like rag dolls from a fighting skill that surpassed all others. One Hero fought bravely using the Inept singing skill, but only lasted one round even then.



  • Uncanny aim, never misses
  • Biting wit and a master of repartee
  • Master of many fighting skills and a knack for improvising weapons


  • Despite the Game Overlords unearthly skills, it quite often has poor eyesight, or may even be blind
  • A heightened sense of hearing to balance the poor eyesight leaves the Game Overlord weak to attacks using the Inept singing skill, the Eye scream skill, and the Deafening snore skill.
  • Has a massive ego, will do anything to look cool.
  • Scared of local bullies.

Field Notes

A circular has been published warning Heroes to beware of this person, who is suspected of being one of the most powerful Game Overlords
Our agent in the field interviewed one Hero who stood before the Game Overlord. This Hero sketched out for us the last thing he remembers seeing before being hauled away by his ankles.