Full Metal Jackrabbit

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Full Metal Jackrabbit
Strong Monster
Class Hare
Habitat Forest
Description Armed Rabbit

The Full Metal Jackrabbit is a Monster with a steel exterior and a lead interior. It has a great love for guns. They should be approached with caution, especially since he is such a dangerous monster. They often wound the hero, rather than disabling him or her totally, in order to take the weapon to add to its personal arsenal. Professionals say to use sticky gloves when fighting this monster.

There are some disadvantages to jacketing a rabbit. For instance, they have different behavioral properties in flight and have a very limited capacity to expand. They will need a whole new set of armor every school year as it grows.



  • Tougher than a typical hare
  • Multiplies quickly
  • Has its own weapons collection, sorted by height and weight
  • Can fly


  • Cannot run as fast as a non-jacketed hare
  • Magnets will slow it down
  • Loves a carrot on a stick
  • Spends lots of money and time on its collection
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