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Alignment: Humane
Leader: GodSapiotrella 
Date Founded: 1st August 2015
Membership Count: 3
Guild Page: Fujoshis 
Data current as of 10th August 2015

About Fujoshis

A resting place filled with bishies, love and fun for the like minded rotten souls.
Even though the guild name says Fujoshis, Fudanshis are also most welcome to join in!

How to join the guild of the rotten ones

♡ Your hero(ine) must be at least or above level 12 to join guilds.

♡ Send this voice command to your hero(ine): Join "Fujoshis" guild.
♡ It may take several tries, give each try a space of at least 30 seconds.
♡ Wait until your hero(ine) idling on the road (i.e. between monster fights). Do not cancel your current quest.

♡ If your hero(ine) tries to leave the guild, send the voice command: Cancel quest.
♡ If you do not check up on your hero(ine) for 28 days or more, s(he) will leave the guild.

How to participate in the fun

♡ Share your love for BL in the Guild Council (GC)!
♡ Add ⥉ in your hero(ine)'s motto as a symbol for a Fujoshi.