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Motto: Building Temples out of Men
Alignment: Humane
Totem Monster: Unprintable Character
Gold Fund: 24334 c.u.
Leader: GodHarry Hammer 
Date Founded: 13,800,000,000 BCE
Membership Count: 32
Pantheon of unity Rank: 380
Guild Page: Freemasons 
Data current as of 18.12.28

Welcome to Freemasons Guild


[Tune: God Save the Queen]

God bless Freemasonry!
Long live Freemasonry!
God save our Craft!
With compasses and square,
Let us find Beauty there,
Wisdom and Strength to share:
God save the Craft!
Great Architect arise,
Bring Light unto our eyes,
Raise up our souls:
Truth and fidelity,
Love and sincerity,
Join us in harmony,
From pole to pole.
God save our gentle Craft!
Long live our noble Craft!
God save our Craft!
Make us victorious,
with minds industrious,
and hearts illustrious,
God save the Craft!

In the policy of the Scottish Rite, everyone who wants to participate has a place and there is a place for everyone to participate doing what they do best. Everyone is equal and every job is important.

Members and Their Legitimate Mason Degrees

  1. GodSalothczaar 
  2. GodSaitama one punch