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The Forums are a place for the gods of Godville to publicly pronounce and discuss what is on their mind.

Forums Sections

The Forums are divided up into 4 different sections:

  • Main Square- General discussion about the world of Godville and its heroes.
  • Workmen's Area- Place where you can offer advice to those in need, help others and where you can suggest something interesting.
  • Guilds' Headquarters- Place for guild recruiting campaigns, inter-guild talks and everything else related to guilds. One guild – one topic. Мessages from here are not displayed in the recent posts.
  • Flame Lounge- For all off-topic discussions not related to the game.


Posts are public and can be seen by any god and hence should not be used for private conversations between two gods. There was a limit of 17 posts a day that has been increased so gods must choose where they wish to speak wisely if they have much to say. Right now, there is a forum limit of 50 posts.

On the browser there can be a string of 57 continues characters on a line for plain text. Block code can hold 55 and block quote can hold 49. If it goes over it will be made into a scrolling box. [1]

Mark Up

Godville's forums use a subset of the Textile markup language. Only a small part of Textile will work.

The markup help provided when writing a message on the forum is interactive: tapping or clicking on the text will insert the selected formatting into the text box.

The help provided is:

 *bold* or +underscore+ text
 -strikethrough- or _italics_ text
 line break or paragraph
 # ordered or * unordered (lists)
 ^superscript^, ~subscript~ or @monospace@ text
 bq. block quote
 bc. block code

Other usable markup:

 <br/> (manual line break)
 pre. is equivalent to bc.
 bq.. and bc.. begin an extended block of text
 p. begins a new paragraph, useful only to end an extended bq.. or bc.. text block
 ** and ## will nest a second list level below the first, and can be mixed
 Footnotes can be inserted into text with [1], [2], etc, and the footnote placed at the bottom of the post beginning with fn1., fn2. etc

Character conversions:

 A hyphen between whitespaces - becomes an en dash –, and two hyphens -- become an em dash —
 An x between two numbers (3 x 5) becomes a multiplication sign (3 × 5)
 Three periods... becomes an elipsis…
 "Straight quotation marks" around words become “angled quotation marks”
 'Straight apostrophes' around words become ‘angled apostrophes’
 Ampersand (&), less than (<) and greater than (>) symbols are escaped unless part of HTML
 (tm), (r), and (c) are converted into trademark, registered trademark, and copyright symbols
 ==Two equals signs== around a section of text stops character conversion in that section

Textile markup which doesn't work:

 h1. text to h6. text will produce nothing
 <text> also produces nothing, as do most html tags
 | Textile | tables | produce | nothing
 #_ nor #n to control list numbering
 !url! yields <img src="url" alt="" />, but will not insert an image
 - Term := Definition yields simply <dl> </dl> instead of a definition list
 Endnotes in [#note], notelist: format (but footnotes do, see above)
 ??citation?? will produce nothing, and will truncate the paragraph
 Abbreviation notation ABC(Abbreviation explanation) will produce nothing, and will truncate the paragraph
 Paragraph or block alignment (p<., p>., p=.)
 Paragraph or block indentation (p(., p((., etc)
 p(classes). and (#ids)

Post Options

Hidden by the ▼ symbol next to the poster's name, there are the options to flag a post as inappropriate or to link to it, which puts the link in your address bar. For a post recently made by you and and with no posts after it, you may edit it or delete it.

Adding a Picture to an Account (adding a custom Avatar / Gravatar)

To replace the blue and white default picture (DefaultGravatar.jpg) in the forums, users must signup for a WordPress account. On a computer browser, log-in to Go to "profile" => "Setup Gravatar (avatar for forums)" => "create a new one" OR sign in to WordPress => "add a new image".


Topics are the individual threads in the forums. Due to lazy gods there are many, many duplicated topics. Although there is a pre-moderation for all new topics and it may take up to 48 hours and Duplicate topics, topics with low community value and topics created in wrong forums may be moved to other forum or deleted without notice, most are accepted and few are moved or deleted.


Godville's Goals and Activities
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Heroic Activities Quests • Side Jobs • Fishing • Digging • Arena • Sparring fights • Dungeons • Sailing • Datamine
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