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Here's a guide to being evil. Please remember that it's meant only for guild members though: Punish regularly to keep your hero’s alignment nice and dark, and never encourage without a very good reason. Try to use punish either to melt a gold brick when you have over 3,000 gold, or in combat so that it damages the enemy rather than your hero. It’s especially useful against tough enemies, but don’t use it when in combat with very low health or there’s a small chance it will kill your hero. This is because punishment and encouragement both make game time move forward by 1 click. If you punish and it backfires, and the instant fast forwarding of time causes the enemy to land another strike, the combined damage can cause instant death before the hero has a chance to run. An evil hero is far more powerful in combat than a good hero, dealing a maximum of 33 damage which is 50% more damage than a good or neutral hero if he's pure evil! As for healing, it’s easy enough if you know how. The main setback for any hero is when they get stuck on low health, healing slightly, losing half their fights, healing, fighting etc. To rescue your hero from this situation, you can either return to town for a full heal and godpower boost, or heal him in the field. Returning to town gives your hero a full heal and a boost of at least 20% godpower, but he will also waste some of his money there after leaving the trader. So to save up enough money for equipment, skills and gold bricks it is sometimes wise not to return to town too soon. The closer you are to Godville in milestones, the more likely your hero is to return to town quickly of his own accord. When you’re less than 30 milestones, you needn’t even intervene as your hero will usually head back as soon as his health gets low (if he’s carrying 1/3 or less of his max loot capacity including potions, he’ll just heal up and set off again without doing anything else). Between 30 and 50 milestones, he may well head to Beerburg instead of Godville, which is not so great because he’ll tend to waste much more money there than in other towns, so returning to town comes at a price. After 50 he’ll not be returning to town quite so readily, so you can prompt him with the voice command “return to town”. The voice command "heal" is your substitute for encourage. Regardless of the hero's current health, it heals him to approximately 52% of his maximum health, which makes it very good value for godpower when used while on low health. Just be sure only to try to use it while questing (not in combat or travelling to or from town) and don't try to use it when the hero is already in the process of healing himself. Although it cannot restore the hero to max health like encouragement can, if used at the right time it's actually better value for godpower than encouragement. Another good time to use punishment is when your hero is returning to Godville after completing a quest. If your hero is on red health (the red color only being visible when viewing the game in a browser) which I think is roughly 80 or below, he'll heal up as normal and bypass the phases where he'd usually buy equipment and where he'd waste a proportion of his money. If his health is higher than red level, he will bypass the healing phase and buy equipment and waste money as usual. Therefore, it can be worth using punishments to reduce his health to red level.