Floorist Knights

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Floorist Knights
Alignment: Human
Gold Fund: 20315 c.u.
Membership Count: 117
Guild Page: Floorist Knights 


Floorist Knights is a small and humble guild created by That Holy Panda and his friends. Originally started as a joke, this guild is centered around Floorism, the odd practice of worshiping the floor. The core beliefs of Floorism include the worship of floors; which keep us from Hell, and the hatred of ceilings; which keep us from Heaven.

The First Age

In the first days of Godville, no one appreciated the floors, or hated the ceilings. But as days went by, That Holy Panda realized that something was wrong! He and his band of compatriots heroically came together to champion Floorism, creating the Floorist Knights. Life was bright and merry, with sturdy floors, and no ceilings. All was good.

The Dark Age

But times came when people were less active. The council was abandoned, and one by one, That Holy Panda's friends drifted away to other worthy guilds. Then, in a cruel twist of fate, That Holy Panda himself was stolen away from the Floorist Knights. Times were hard for the Floorist Knights. They were a small guild, largely unknown, and Floorism was on the edge. The question burning in everyone's minds... would they make it?

The Renaissance

And lo! Floorism survived! For many new members were drawn to the Knights, and the new members bonded together as allies. They made jokes and enjoyed themselves, and the council was again a land of enchantment and merriment. The Floorist Knights had been revived to last for all the days of Godville.

Why to Join

Floorist Knights are the most clean guild on Godville, and the only one that was created by a Panda... We worship the almighty Floor so that we may not enter the pits of Hell. Cause no one wants to go there! Yet we also do despise the Ceiling for it keeps us from the Heavens! Alas few understand the ways of the humble Floorist. We do try and extend our teachings to those less fortunate to know. But, one day the art of Floorism will rise!

Who We Accept

Floorist Knights is willing to accept any converts or people who just feel like joining us. That Holy Panda also recognizes that few people will actually read this article. He wishes to thank the few who have read it. It is very difficult to write an article on an iPod, so thank you for reading this far. I have run out of things to say, so I shall finish by inviting you to join Floorist Knights.