Figure out how time flies

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Figure out how time flies
"Interview citizens that had their thyme fly away."
A headline about how thyme flies.

To Figure out how time flies is a normal quest that was started in a tavern in Beerburgh.

General Information

It all started when an unknown heroine was wasting their hard-earned gold away, drinking beer. Very typical. The heroine was busy recalling the "Run around in squares" quest until they exclaimed this particular phrase in a drunken state, "Man, how time flies!". Next to this hero/heroine, another hero just happened to hear this particular phrase and questioned them, "How do you figure out how time flies?".

With that said, the tavern went quiet and a few very foolish- brave heroes/heroines stood up and yelled the words, "I will figure out how time flies!", simultaneously. They were gone the next second, leaving their empty beer mugs.

No one knows where these heroine current whereabouts are.

Things That Needed to be Accomplished

  • Run in a different direction if the quester spots a wild Rosemary, Sage and Marjoram.
  • Try different cuisines that uses time in the dish.
  • Check if you can see the time fly after doing these objectives.

Tips for Dummies 101 Guidebook

!Tips for Dummies 101↻
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  1. Defeat the Time Fly monster
  2. Find poems from the olden times as they are usually associated with how time flies.
  3. Don't talk about how time flies.
  4. Meet the Sage of Curry from the drunken tavern.
  5. Quietly sneak around the herb garden without permission from the keeper.
  6. Do not be a fool of time.
  7. Do not pick up this quest.
  8. Do not try to catch up with time or even catch it.
  9. Do not die. Your time will surely fly.


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