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Seas are full of booty. And what booty is the most valuable for the arked heroes? A creature worthy of being saved in the ark.
Godville Blog, post 3646

The Creatures, also known as twos of every kind, are the most desirable living beings in all of Godville. They exist in two genders: male creatures known as manimals and female creatures known as fenimals.

For heroes with a completed ark, once a hero captures a creature, the hero will put the creature in the ark, which will add to the hero's two of every kind count.

How to collect

In the open ocean, accessible through sailing, manimals like to hang out on islands while fenimals like to hang out with beasties in the sea.

Creatures also enjoy spending time in fishing spots, where they may be caught by heroines.

Rarely, heroes can gain custody of creatures by completing a side job or by bringing back a proof of a dead wanted monster.

When you finish collecting one thousand of one type, your hero will only catch the other type when he goes fishing. For example, if you have a thousand manimals in the ark, your hero will not catch manimals when he goes fishing - only fenimals.


Once one thousand of each is collected, the Lab will be unlocked. You then need to accumulate an additional 100 pairs to begin building your first lab boss. An additional one hundred pairs are required each time a new lab boss is awakened.

Collecting the one thousand pair will also allow the Third Eye to records up to 20 events insteads of 10.

Diary entries

05:23 Almighty, I just re-counted the pairs and I think the ark now has a thousand of them. We're not going to cram another thousand in there, are we?
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