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    Fairy Tail Logo


The Fairy Tail guild was started on August 12, 2010. Its name was derived from the anime show of the same name. It reached spot #3 on the Pantheon of Unity, June 17, 2011 (among other times). It was said that the founder of Fairy Tail guild was a real Fairy. On 10th November 2015, they claim the founder is really a fairy.

"Do fairies really have tails? Do they even exist? Like them, this place is eternal mystery... A never ending adventure!" — Makarov about the true meaning of Fairy Tail in "Now We're Even"

The Name

Do you ever wonder why fairies have such large dresses? Is it because they have no fashion sense? NO!!! Fairies are magical, of course they are fashionable! No, the real reason is that they are hiding something, something that most don't imagine fairies having, TAILS!!!

The name of "Fairy Tail" represents a sense of adventure for one to be able to discover more about mysteries and fate.


Within it first month of existence, Fairy Tail was able to boast a membership of over a quarter thousand (250), having actually exceeded 21 dozen (252) members within this time.

This may be due to its open door policy, no Godville hero will be denied entrance. The simple utterance in god-voice of "Join Fairy Tail" may cause the hero to begin the mandatory quest which will admit him into the guild.

It is said that the people you find here aren't always normal or even sane, but everyone here is nakama and we'll always be here for each other.

Should you ever need help with anything call on the Fairy Tail guild and we shall do our best to help you, hopefully without destroying any cities what am I saying of course we will destroy a city or two or three or five, but you can't ever tell with Fairy Tail.