Extra Dry Djinn

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Monsters of Godville
Extra Dry Djinn
Djinnovium xerica
Class Genie
Habitat Beneath high pressure systems, or above rain clouds.
Description Never sweaty, moist, or “glowing.”

The Extra Dry Djinn (Djinnovium xerica) is a fairweather fiend, showing itself when the sun is shining and vanishing at the sight of a storm cloud.


These pale blue creatures occupy a middling state between gaseous and solid forms, rendering them one of the few Godville monsters capable of wingless flight. Generally tapering to a trailing point below the waist, the youngest ones favor a near-human upper half, but the older ones develop progressively less human traits with their years, to include claws, scales, and spikes. They are easily differentiated from other Genie-class monsters by the cloud of bubbles that accompanies each of them.


An Extra Dry Djinn (plural “Djinni”) is never without at least one bubble, and usually maintains a raft of forty. This is a defensive mechanism with multiple uses. In the event that the Extra Dry Djinn is caught in an April shower, the bubbles form a temporary umbrella while the djinn escapes. If the April shower includes lightning, the djinn arranges the bubbles to conduct a stream of electrical potential safely over their surface areas to discharge away from the djinn, much like a Faraday cage.

In the event that the Extra Dry Djinn becomes damp, the bubbles are filled with the driest air, and can burst to provide the djinn with a puff of soothing evaporation. If a foe should ever manage to dunk an Extra Dry Djinn in a pond, which is almost always fatal to the djinn, the most fleet-minded djinni form these separate bubbles into a very large cocoon of dry air, and can thus effect an escape.

Extra Dry Djinni behave as though they're made of sugar and will melt in the rain, but make no mistake, there is nothing sweet about these monsters. If they believe someone may try to harm them, they rip that hero limb from limb. If they believe someone is no threat to them, they will rip that hero limb from limb.

And they most emphatically Do. Not. Grant. Wishes!


Many monster-spotting guides erroneously identify Extra Dry Djinni as desert creatures. However, recent study into their daily and seasonal migration habits has shown their range to be much larger. They do occupy the arctic zones and desert belts, but they seasonally follow high pressure systems through the temperate latitudes, descending to the ground surface to feed when the skies are clear, and rising to soar above the clouds when low pressure and rain dare to approach.

The unlucky few who have developed an allergy to Extra Dry Djinn venom, or to the antivenin tonic, are advised to move to the tropics or to rainforest habitats, which the djinni never approach.



  • Semi-gaseous and flying form enhances dodging.
  • Distractive veil of bubbles.
  • More psychologically terrifying with age.


  • Bubbles are easily popped.
  • Extreme aversion to water.
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