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Quests of Godville
Extend pet registration
Difficulty: 1/10

Extend pet registration

Duration: about 13 hours

Extend pet registration is a quest that heroes with a levelless pet take to continue keeping a pet.

Soon after a pet is knocked out, the Godville Pet Enumerator appears in a magical cloud of cinnamon dust. The enumerator then documents the pet's name, species, level, and shoe size on form GPE-1822 and then disappears like the wind. The form sits on the Enumerator's desk for 60 hours awaiting to see if the pet is healed. If a hero manages to heal a pet, the magical ink on the form disappears and the Enumerator is free to use that form again. How exactly the ink knows a pet has been healed or not is a mystery to the smartest minds of Godville, even the enumerator himself.

If a hero does not heal the pet, the ink hardens and the filled out GPE-1822 form sprouts wings and flies to the pet registration clerks across the street. The clerks then add the levelless pet information to the Levelless Pets Registration Database.

On occasion, a hero must extend a pet registration. The hero will then take on the quest "extend pet registration." This pretty much just involves standing in an astonishingly long line with other heroes, getting to the front of the line, and then pushing a button. Why the line is so bloody long and why this even needs to be done is yet another mystery of Godville.

If a hero desires to obtain a new pet that can gain levels, the hero must release the levelless pet during the extend pet registration quest. To do this, a god must give the voice command "cancel quest" while the hero's current quest is "Extend pet registration."

If the hero listens to the voice command, the hero will release the pet. If not, a god should just try again.

A hero is more likely to listen to a voice command while the hero is out of a town and not doing anything. Accordingly, gods should not shout a voice command when a hero is fighting a monster or in a town.

!Hero's Diary
Judging by Shelby's face I think he's tired of me. I guess it's time to finally set him free. Farewell, Shelby! I promise to find a new best friend in your memory!

How to Release a Perfectly Good Pet With a Level

Getting rid of a perfectly good pet is harder than one would think. First, please read the Strategies for Pet Healing for a thorough explanation of what not to do.

The steps are as follows: (1) a hero must allow the pet to get knocked out, (2) the god must prevent the hero from accumulating enough gold coins to heal the pet, and (3) the god must cancel the extend pet registration quest.

Step 1: Knocking Out A Pet

This is no easy task. Pets are rather tough and only get knocked out only about once a month. To ‘’facilitate’’ a pet to jump in the way and block a fatal monster attack, a god should keep a hero in low health. This means punishing a hero when the hero is not fighting a monster (aka sending lightning bolts to zap a hero’s health down), never encouraging, and never using any activatable healing artifact.

Step 2: Preventing a Hero from Accumulating Enough Gold Coins to Heal a Pet

As stated in many other places, pet healing costs about 450 coins per pet level. So, to heal a level 9 pet, a hero needs about 4050 coins (9 x 450 = 4050). A hero also has 60 hours to accumulate the requisite number of coins so the strategy here is to prevent the hero from accumulating the requisite number of coins for 60 hours. This can be done many ways:

  • Giving the voice command “die” and let the hero be dead for 24 hours. Repeat if necessary.
  • Continuously sparring for 60 hours. This can be done by lining up friends to send spar requests or creating other accounts to do the same.
  • Encouraging or punishing to covert 3000 coins into a golden brick (for heroes without a temple).
  • Facilitating heroes to drink by making sure they return to a town with high health (usually done by encouraging when returning to town).
  • Giving a ”dig” voice command, finding a boss-monster, and losing the fight.
  • Going to the arena and losing.

Step 3: Cancel the quest “Extend pet registration

If a god succeeds in the first two steps, the pet will become a best friend pet and lose all levels. Soon afterward, the hero will undertake a quest to “Extend pet registration.” While the hero is on this quest, a god should give the voice command "cancel quest" in the same way a god would cancel a guild change quest. After that, the hero will release the pet and eventually get a new one.

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