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Artifacts of Godville
Exotic seashell
Type 💎Bold
Description Comes in many shapes, colours, patterns, odours, tastes, personalities, spoken languages, philosophical movements...

The Exotic seashell is a bold artifact that can only obtained during a successful sail.

When a hero discovers a crate during a sail, he often finds, upon returning to Godville, that the crate has magically transformed into an exotic seashell -- a bold, non-activatable item that is typically worth between 6,000 and 8,000 gold coins but can be sometimes sold at even higher prices [1].


The exotic seashell is characterized by bright colours and unconventional shapes compared to the more common seashells founds on Godville's shores. However, the most curious feature of this artifact is the (yet to be proven) fact that it may be able to communicate.

At least, the owners of those shells claim that they hear voices from the shells. It has yet to be determined if the voice heard from an exotic seashell is emitted by a pranking God, by the shell itself or from the troubled mind of the owner.[2]

Outside of this characteristic, this artifact is not especially useful since, although it tastes good, it is highly poisonous and few are willing to risk their life to test its flavour. Hence, the exotic seashell ends up as a decorative item most of the time.

Discovery and Study

Since the appearance of Godville's seas in 2033 g.e.[3], heroes and heroines have brought back many treasures from their sail.

One day, a heroine brought back an exotic seashell for some reason and sold it to a merchant who was curious about its unusual shape and colour.[4] The merchant then claimed that the seashell told him to sell it to another merchant, who was then similarly prompted to sell it to another one, and so on, until the seashell finally end up in the acquisitive hands of a member of the Office of the Mayor of Godville. He quickly became one of the most important figures in that administration thanks to his impressive results and sneaky political moves. It is rumoured that his fast rise was due to sage advice offered by the seashell.

Because the populace was concerned about this rumour of a “shell game” by the seashell, Godville’s Institute for Marine Sciences' (“GIMS”) was asked to do a study of this living artifact.[5] So far, studies have been quite unsuccessful as scientists claim, "They won't come out of their shell!" and thus haven't been able to confirm any communication from the Exotic seashell.

Samples of Voices Heard

  • "Grab me, and together we will conchquer the world!"
  • "Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Cthulhu?"
  • "Let's shellabrate our meeting."
  • "I made a wish upon a starfish and there you are! Worst wish ever."
  • "What the shell is going on there?"
  • "Is this place your sandctuary?"
  • "I was chatting with a Cellfish but she suddenly went off the line."
  • "No need to be so shellfish!"
  • "I am feeling pretty shore today..."
  • "You almost make me want to come out of my shell."
  • "I'm a seashell, what did you expected? Oh, a not-talking seashell? Well, too bad."

Notes and References

  1. !Bratpfannerich's diary (GodEicca 's hero)
    04:49 Hmm… I didn’t know that my exotic seashell would be worth 11561 coins. A decent price, I’d say.

  2. "All of those ideas are pretty terrific actually," claims a GIMS scientist, Godville, 2062 g.e.
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  4. "I heard a voice from the seashell telling me to grab it. I guess it was my god's voice," explained the heroine to the merchant, Godville, 2038 g.e.
  5. The Office of the Mayor of Godville states that the mission of GIMS is as follows:
    • 1) To identify and study every species living in the sea and within the sea’s ecosystem.
    • 2) To perpetuate the sea’s ecosystem despite heroic interference.
    • 3) To study the possibilities of breeding and use of selected species for the benefit of Godvillian society.
    The GIMS will be funded by private funds, the town of Godville and the treasures recovered from wrecked arks. Godville's Institute for Marine Sciences summary. Published in 2057 g.e.
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