Evil Twin

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Evil Twin
Geminus malum
Strong Monster
Class Shape-shifter
Habitat Wastelands
Description Polar opposite of your hero

The Evil Twin (Geminus malum) is one of the most unique villain monsters in Godville.


This creature is like the hero's long lost twin, except it's evil. When it is alone, it either goes back to its original shape, or it takes the form of some random animal. It is mostly a loner and prefers to stay far away from humans. Because of its rarity and its shape-shifting powers, not many know what it looks like. The only way to really know is to watch one give birth. But that would be disgusting and no hero has taken on this quest to date.

Male evil twins almost always have evil-looking facial hair. Most often this facial hair is in the form of the particularly diabolical Goatee, but may take nearly any form. Evil twins have been spotted with sinister waxed mustaches, corrupt unkempt beards, and even dangerous sideburns. Female evil twins also frequently have facial hair, but this may be attributed to a lack of depilatory treatments rather than a concerted effort to look evil.



  • They can take the shape of anyone and their equipment.
  • Since it has changed into many heroes over the years, it can use skills and is capable of using any weapon.


  • To confuse it, act out of character when it shape-shifts. It will be embarrassed to have your personality and may run away crying.
  • Because it thinks all heroes are hideous, make it see its reflection. Point out that it's just as beautiful as you, and try to kiss it. It will have a 60% chance of running away in horror.
  • Their blood is known to be sweet. Make them bleed next to an ant pile or a beehive. Laugh and hide.
  • Their dependence upon their evil facial hair make them particularly vulnerable to “Cheerful Hobbit” hair removal wax.
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