Enemy of the People

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Enemy of the People
Inimicus populous
Strong Monster
Class Humanoid
Habitat Wherever you expect it the less.
Description No one ever liked it.

The Enemy of the People (Inimicus populus) is a monster, and is in fact, what its name implies.

Angry over being ignored by many nerdy role playing games, the Enemy of the People decided to make it its life's work to smite heroes and heroines alike for never hearing of it. It appears to be a beggar, but after close inspection, has red eyes and fangs.

Its skin appears to split apart when provoked, revealing a horrific monster that looks like a cross between an alligator and a chimpanzealot. It belches toxic green slime, and its unearthly screeches instantly deafen the hero it is fighting.



  • Toxic Slime
  • Ability to deafen heroes and heroines instantly
  • Its awful appearance frightens many heroes to death


  • Very sensitive to the fact that it's not very well known