Elizabeth Whitefang

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Elizabeth Whitefang
Champion of the God: Izidour
Personality: Neutral
Gender: Female
Motto: Give them hell...
Pet Type: Dust Bunny
Pet Name: Olwyn
Favorite Town: Deville
Most Hated Monster: Final Frontiersman

The girl without memories

Elizabeth barely remembers who she was.

Her last memories was of waking up, badly wounded, in a forest near Deville, and, that in Godville every hero should follow a god. As she crawled trying to get to the town, she met a strange-looking man who offered help.

He conjured a pillar of blue flames around Elizabeth, and then, her wounds were healed. She was impressed and asked him if he was a god. The man answered that was only a foreigner called Izidour.

Elizabeth then asked where he came from, and, he told her that was exiled and thrown through a portal by his people, because he was very powerful and this scared them all. She felt sorry and promised to help the stranger to return home.

Since then Elizabeth follows him around, pretending that he is a god.

What are you?

As Elizabeth followed Izidour, he trained her abilities. Despite of appear to be an excellent warrior, she barely remembered how to hold a sword. Izidour could feel mystical energy flowing from her body, and wanted to help her channel all that power.

To be continued...