Edible Jelly

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Monsters of Godville
Edible Jelly
Slimus Mermelada
A grape-flavored Edible Jelly
Class Confectionery, Ugly Blob
Habitat Strawberry Fields, Grape Vineyards, Raspberry Orchards
Description Monster Made of the finest Jam

The Edible Jelly (Slimus Mermelada) is a monster in Godville whose body is made entirely out of the finest jam. Originally, the monster's name was just Jelly. In addition, they can be the size similar to that of a pony. They are also known to replicate through mitosis. In their various habitats, which are typically places where fruit is grown, the flavor is typically that of whatever fruit is being farmed (Typically Grape, Strawberry, or Raspberry) Despite being delicious, they are extremely uncanny, meaning, they are very ugly.

In fact, they are so ugly heroines try to avoid being near them. This has caused this monster's population to be unbelievably high in the Strawberry Fields, grape vineyards, and in orchards. To combat this, the authorities in Godville passed an act to rename the monster's categorized name to Edible Jelly to encourage heroines to consume this delicious monster, which worked quite well. Even better, the monsters are incredibly slow, making them unable to escape easily. Now, since heroines are eating them, the Edible Jelly population is at a more controlled size.



  • Can multiply through mitosis
  • Ugly enough to deter heroines
  • Amorphous


  • Edible
  • Extremely Slow
  • Have a luring smell
  • Hungry heroes
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