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Garden of Eden.jpg

Welcome to eXe, our Garden oƒ Eden

Come in, come in, and partake of our taboo, exclusive menu, courtesy of The Forsakens Lament guild! We are able to export many of the divine and forbidden delicacies straight to your table. We hope you enjoy our fine and desolate cuisine.

eXe can be found serving cuisine in either our Dining Hall in the main guild building, or out in "Riverpoint Observatory, a lovely pavilion overlooking the river and lake.

This menu is open to being updated by all of our guild members! If an outsider wants to add to it, they must first have permission from GodDerelict Red   to do so. Details for adding new items and descriptions are at the bottom of the page, and please read them before adding anything. The vision for eXe is an engaging and creative outlet for our whole guild, so please, show us your dreams of food and drink!

Food and Courses ~

Here for your dining pleasure, are some of our finest dishes. Whether morbid, bizarre, or sinfully succulent, these victuals are unlike nothing you have ever tasted. We leave that to you to decide if that is good or bad; forbidden food is just too much for some to handle.

Roasted Silent Lamb - GodSilent Lamb 

Roasted Lamb.jpg

Our guild's tantalizing, main dish. It is a delicious platter of exquisitely roasted lamb, carefully boiled in it's own juices and brushed with a tasty lemon sauce. Exotic vegetables are delicately crammed around the simmering meat, lending their own aroma to the fragrant dish. This succulent meal is provided from our very own totem monster. Literally from, as in, somehow she cooks duplicates of herself and servers it. Just don't think about it. It is not like you are eating the lamb herself. Right...?

Tempting Snake Dish with Forbidden Fruit Slices - GodFriedrich-Nietzsche 

Scrambled Eyes - GodThade Grandeur 

Half off on Forbidden Fridays - GodLeoji 

Devil’s Avocado Salad - GodZenthronex 

Devil's Avocado Salad.jpg

If consumed without an unstable mind, you might find yourself hallucinating about mythical creatures that are keeping you company until you completely digest the avocado.

Psycopath's Pleasure GodShykra 

After a long day of laughter and slaughter, you can tuck into this tantalizing treat! Made from soul shards, human tears, and the odd bit of bone, these beauties will light up your taste buds in macabre glory!

Sadish Stick - GodZenthronex 

Who doesn’t love a sorrowful kebab that feels just as you do when you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night?

The Great Misteak - GodZenthronex 

Few can withstand the backfire of this big juicy steak. Its ingridients purge your intestines from purity. After a few hours, you’ll be empty on the inside… More than usual.

Creepy Pasta -GodZenthronex 

This exquisite dish resembles everything that’s weird, strange, and wrong about you. By consuming this dish, you and the pasta are mutually accepting each other for your uniqueness and misery.

Fall of Ham - GodThade Grandeur 

Drinks and Beverages ~

All here to quench your thirst, or to knock you flat and possibly threaten your life! Some poisonous, some rock-bottom depressants, some psychosis inducing, but all delicious, these drinks will guarantee your enjoyment. That is, if you live to tell the tale.

Stonefish Venom - GodSerilda Fallon 

Stonefish Venom.jpg

This is a pure poison, a good indicator of what is to follow. There is no additives to this drink; pure and simple, this is a straight out poison of the stonefish. Placed at the top of our drink menu, it serves to show that nothing here should be drank lightly. Floating on top of the liquid is a nifty little skull, and that is our only disclaimer to this drink, and all that follow. Can you drink potent poison and survive? We shall see. This is also a memory of our former torturer Serilda Fallon; in loving memory, she has been provided a way to kill and torment divines and mortals in her absence.

Lamentations on the Rocks - GodCryptess 

Lamentations on the Rocks.jpg

A compacted draught of sorrow, this beverage hits the drinker like a load of... Rocks. Not a drink designed to be pleasant or alleviating, but rather, it reminds you of all your repressed guilt, heart-rending tragedy, and bitter struggle. If one ever begins to feel inklings of hope or lifting of sorrows, this drink will take you back to rock bottom. The ignorant optimists would say "the only way to go is up now", however, this beverage brutally destroys that loathsome saying. It accomplishes this by breaking past rock bottom and burying you alive in the figurative rubble of your pain and remorse, buried underneath the earth's crushing weight of the knowledge that you can never achieve redemption. At the same time, you can begin to feel the heat of the core's magma, signaling your probable damnation. If you wish to feel like Hell, this drink will take you there, with regret and sorrow dragging you all the way down like two weights on your feet.

Forsaké - GodOne of Paradox 

Nihilist’s Bliss - GodKrystallus 

Nihilist's Bliss.jpg

Do you have emotions other than uncaring happiness? Have you forgotten that nothing really matters, and therefore you can do whatever you want? Then the Nihilist’s Bliss is for you! Just one sip of this exquisite cocktail and all your problems will once again seem insignificant. All those useless feelings like sadness and guilt will be washed away by the feeling of bliss that this drink is named for. Your mind will thank you the next morning for clearing it of all those feelings by giving you a nice punch in the skull every few minutes! Just one glass can wipe away all your cares in an instant! Try the Nihilist’s Bliss today!

Bloody Malik - GodKrystallus 

Nothing on the Beach - GodDoyunomi 

Nothing on the Beach.jpg

If you're absolutely thirsty and want to enjoy a beverage that revitalizes your mind and body, then do not drink Nothing on the Beach, because it will render you to feel nothing of the sort; instead you will feel apathetic. By drinking it, you initially taste the fruity juices that conjures images of white sand beaches in mind, and the the strong liquor -- for those that want it virgin, we have a non-alcoholic version available -- and then the essence of nothingness. After the first sip, you begin to taste less and less of this beautifully crafted concoction, and emotionally feel more and more emotionally empty. Thanks to the essence of nothingness blended into this cocktail, you will feel completely apathetic once you're finished drinking your glass of Nothing on the Beach. Enjoy. Teehee.

Suffocating Breeze - GodDoyunomi 

Nothing in the Coffee - GodDoyunomi 

Nothing in the Coffee.jpg

Created by the goddess who brought you Nothing on the Beach, Nothing in the Coffee brings you the same, delightfully dismal effect of apathy as the cocktail aforementioned, but because this is a caffeinated and sugary concoction, it will give you a sudden surge of energy. As you joyfully take the first sip of this wonderful coffee, you initially taste the blended elements of salty, sweet and bitter; but soon then taste the nothingness that renders you to feel hollow. As you continue to drink, you taste less and less of this divine beverage, and feel increasingly more emotionally empty and physically energized. Once you finish drinking beverage, you would probably understand why this great concoction is called Nothing in the Coffee.

Pure Evil Tequila - GodDrunken Meister 

Forsaken Spirits - GodDrunken Meister 

Apathy Blaster - GodDerelict Red 

Apathy Blaster.jpg

Introducing the Forsaken's Designer Drink Series!

Ever feel like maybe, just maybe, you are starting to care about life a little too much? That just yesterday, you were slouching through the daylight hours, eyes downcast and mind downtrodden with emptiness, when today, you suddenly have this annoying spring in your step? If finding yourself in this dreadful situation, this reviving of hope, take action quickly and cut the head off the hope serpent! Introducing Apathy Blaster, a nifty cocktail that has just too much alcohol for a single shot! Knock yourself flat with a simple quaff of this mixture, and with a clean and long-lasting migraine that follows, wipe any thoughts of pesky self-improvement and a better future away! Leaving your brain squeaky clean and empty, all the self hatred and negativity comes flooding back in after just one sip! Finally, a solution to the terrible, aching guilt that you really should care when you absolutely don’t give a goose’s noggin! Also, the exorbitant price can also leave you broke and even more hopeless! What a deal breaker!

Dread Shot - GodShykra 

Dread Shot.jpg

Do you want a strong, stiff drink, perfect for getting those brooding, plotting wheels going? Or just something to get you hammered for three days, and leave you with a stinging, but not horrid hangover? Look no further than Dread Shot!

The ingredients include:

1) Tears of whoever’s in Doyunomi’s dungeon 2) Unicorn blood 3) High quality, 55% alcohol vodka 4) Spiced rum 5) A splash of orange juice 6) A piece of a soul as a garnish

After calling it a day on your current carnage, a few glasses of this will put you down for the night, or just a glass will make you want to do something destructive.

Rise of the Dead - GodFriedrich-Nietzsche 

Rise of the Dead.jpg

Brace yourself, dear alcohol-craving customer. Here is a drink that no soul has tasted before! Our new concoction of various things you don’t need to know such as a gigantic tiny amount of garlic juice and the fabled wraith pepper, of course with alcohol levels of at least 70% and served boiling hot, will hit you in the head like death itself and leave you gargling around like a real zombie from its spiciness and literal hotness like hell where this drink belongs to.

Of course only experiencing this once isn’t enough, so you will experience your second undeath as you inevitably wake up with a massive hangover, coupled with body and mouth odor of a rotten corpse. Truly delicious!

Root Beer of all Evil - GodZenthronex 

Refreshing root beer embedded with dark and twisted thoughts with a hint of hopelessness for your drinking pleasure.

Malevolent Te-Killa - GodZenthronex 

A truly adventurous drink that changes its taste depending on the consumer’s current emotions. If miserable, angry, or sad, taste changes. Effects may vary with multiple emotions at once.

Sugar Cain Soda - GodLeoji 

Adams Apple Juice - GodLeoji 

Possible Ideas ~

Painkiller -

Corpse Reviver -

Blood and Sand –

Aggravation – Scotch, coffee liqueur, cream

French Connection – (Forgotten Connection?)

Moscow Mule – (Forsaken Mule, Beast of Burden?)

Mind Eraser – (Hope Eraser?)

Apocalypse Now


Instructions for new food, drinks, and descriptions

  • You cannot create a description for an item unless you get permission from the creator. No pressuring them.
  • Try to keep descriptions at appropriate lengths. We don't want to overshadow other's menu items, and it is a menu. Short and to the point, not to bore the hungry, but to tempt them. A good length is what is already seen above in the menu, the longest ones are around the stopping point.
  • Please try to avoid anything graphic or gross; there are a few morbidly delightful items on here, but we do not want to disgust anyone. This menu will be checked over frequently, and if anything is found to be over the line, it will be discussed.
  • Please, when done with your edit, type out a quick sentence about what you changed in the neat "summary" box above the save button. Likely, it will also be a small change, so check the "This is a minor edit" box.
  • It is a good idea to pass ideas through the guild council first. This won't be incredibly restrictive, but we want good ideas that make sense, fit the theme, and not just a bunch of random items dumped on here.
  • Please, add pictures! But if you do, keep them small, like the ones already in the menu are. Maximum size is 100 pixels (px). If you need to change the size to make it fit better, decrease the size, don't go over. If you have an only one sentence description, do know that the pictures, despite being small, can throw the rest of the format off.
  • If you are unexperienced with writing in the wiki, seek help, or learn by utilizing the "view history" tab at the top. Read how others have done it, and follow the format to keep this page pretty and orderly. Copying and pasting works well. The most difficult part is probably adding pictures, so make sure to get help on that if you cannot figure it out. Make sure to also utilize the show preview button near the save button, and be careful not to delete anything and then save it. It can be recovered easily, so not much of a worry.
  • Feel free to take the Possible Ideas above, all of which are close to real drinks, and make something with them.
  • The "Discussion" tab, next to "Page", is available for putting down ideas for changes and open discussion.